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We are sorry to have been offline for the past few weeks due to a DDos attack that started in early August. We’ve resolved the issue and are now looking at what we can do to better serve the Kigurumi Culture.

Kigurumi Online (Kig-O) is a collective of like minded individuals dedicated to the art of Kigurumi and its Culture... All are welcome to be to join and we welcome everyone with open arms to our pages. We hope anyone that visits feels welcomed to learn, question, enjoy and contribute... Newcomers to Kigurumi, are above all others are the most important members to the website! Without you, we would cease to exist, which is why every year we meet at Anime North (and various other gatherings) to outreach and introduce members of the cosplay community to discover and maybe journey into this, most mystical and wonderful life changing world of Kigurumi. Celebrating five years online serving the Animegao Kigurumi Culture Worldwide. Thank you for contributing to a unique culture that is only limited by your imagination!

For newcomers here please please take advantage of our galleries, forums and live chat/cams at And to bring Kigurumi together from around the globe where everyone stands as equals, to bring real time interaction in the kigurumi Culture we've aligned with The Animegao Circle or TAC on Discord.

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