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  • The Quick and Dirty Guide to Getting Started with Kigurumi
    (a list of various pieces of gear with price tiering)

    Getting started in kig can be daunting due to the fact that high quality masks of an Anime character can easily set you back $1000 or more; however, you can get in for just exactly that too. This little guide will break down and explain the differences in tiers and terms you will see while ordering from various makers.

    Tier 1 (quick, dirty, and sexy?)

    This tier will get you in with the smallest investment but comes with some caveats I’ll go over on each

    Instead of a hadatai from a maker, you can get pretty much any cheap flesh tone zentai for about $40 US. My first was a Milanoo but anything off Amazon works fine here. The downside is that they are usually shiny and not matte leading to the mask and bodysuit colors looking off.

    Next up is shape enhancement. This is kinda all on you at low tier. If you need boobs any enhancer will do: socks, push up bras, foam sleep…
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