Sacanime Summer 2016

  • Hey folks! Nico, cici and I stomped around sacanime summer 2016, and here's the proof!

    The littlest misty:

    Gumi at the convention center:

    Streetwalking ;) :

    Food to go?

    There was anime:

    And western media:

    Gumi is tall:

    It's Nico!

    Clingy Nico:

    Bottom of the stairs:

    End of the con, Nico tired!

    Well, till next time!
    TTFN Rosie <3

    Photos by Rosie & Jesse
    <3 Rosie

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    Horus Quilla -

    wow, I think I'll go in January

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    Acorazado -

    I did spotted three of you there, but I wasn't able to get a photoshot with you, except with Cici. Weekend weather was nice and toasty. Stay safe. =)

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    lzzrdgrrl -

    Undoubtedly you're familiar with Undertale, Rosie, and seeing you with Cici/Gumi I cannot help but see you guys together as Undyne and Alphys. You'd do it absolutely perfectly, it'll be great.....^^*.........