Heart to Heart

  • Hey Kig people! I just want to have a heart to heart with you for a moment. Recently I got to have a chat with Cici, One of the Co-Owner’s, about the creation of this site kigurumionline.org/.

    I heard the History of Cici and a previous forum, and all the drama that went with it. I heard about how Things that start friendly can turn into a painful mess, and how Priorities can be skewed by personal problems and create drama for those trying to help. But I also heard about how friends can come together to make something beautiful and support one another! This is the most inspiring thing that I've taken away from this site. Even with all the drama that happens on other Social media Platforms, We can come together on this Forum to share Ideas and Provide support for one another. The fact that I can go through the forums without worrying if someone is going to attack my post or Shame my picture shares speaks to the fact that this is in fact a community, not an Elitist clique or club.

    I guess I should tell you all about my history with This Website. I’ve been a fan of Kigurumi ever since I first saw it. I never thought it was something I could do, not even because of the price of entry. I was raised in a very religious household, and my parents were very strict about the content that we were allowed to consume. So from 6th grade on Anime was banned in our House. I still was able to see it at friends places, but I never was too hardcore a fan. What I was a hardcore fan of was Kig, The sites that could make it past my dad’s Custom Internet firewall where full of kig content, thank god for japanese language confusing filters. Being the naive teen I was, I thought that kig was the realm of japanese girls with impossibly perfect physiques.

    So now we skip ahead a few years, This Naive teen is now an adult with a spouse and a place away from parents. I had signed up for an account on this new forum, Kigurumi Online. I thought hey, It should be a cool place to see kigs and Possibly interact with other fans. Then it happened, Sofa was selling Rosie. I knew then that I could possibly be a Kigurumi Cosplayer. After talking it over with my spouse, I contacted Sofa, Rosie was on her way.

    From the first moment I put her on, Rosie was my Security blanket. Hard day at work, get in

    Rosie and feel better. I had finally found something that could help me manage my stress like nothing else. I started hopping into the tinychat Kig cam chats. I had made some friends on the forum as well, And an event was coming up, Sacanime winter. I was thinking about going to a little con near me And trying rosie in public there, But Cici convinced me to Head up to Sacramento with them. I talked it over with my spouse and we decided to chance getting murdered by strangers and go to Sac.

    It was surreal to meet the Kigs I had only known online through the forum or tinychat, It blew me away how inviting the group was. It was at this con that I met Neko-nico, Ahri, Oreh, Jessiekig, And Valkyriekig Katsumoto. This first dip into the Kig pool was amazing.

    Then my troubles started, I was getting bad infections. I had to go to the hospital at least 4 times Before they found the Fungus that had attached itself to my heart valve. The doctors told me that they needed to do open heart surgery, I was afraid that I’d never kig again. After having surgery in May, I resolved to be well enough to Kig at Anime expo in july. I rested, kicked painkillers, and was at 90% in july. I was able to kig a lot at that con. I knew That I had to step up my game.

    I got a new skinsuit and was finally able to have Rosie’s face and skin match. I went to summer Sacanime and got a corset, finally getting me the shape I had wanted for my curves. I’ve also started actively trying to get into better shape, not just better shapewear. The old girl herself is getting Some work done, New eyes, a new coat of paint, and other stuff you don’t need to know about. I am definitely going to have a good sacanime winter.

    Strangely enough, my spouse has gone from feeling uneasy about the concept of kig to looking into doing a character themselves. All because of the friendships we’ve made in this community! They’ve even done some art for me and Niconicokigurumi.

    So I guess all I can say is, Thank You. Thank you for being my friends, my resource, and my community.
    <3 Rosie

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