Anime Exposes Itself 2015: Part 1

  • Written by Sofa
    Photos by Sofa, Jesse, and HOSOn

    .......I don't like LA. It's hot and humid and you can't get anywhere because the drivers are shit. I don't like AX, either, because it's crowded and expensive and it's in LA. Thus, it was with some hesitation that I told my college geometry professor that I'd be absent for a few days surrounding 4th of July weekend, and much regret that I saw how much makeup work would pile up while I'd be at Anime Expo 2015. However, this was not to be a leisurely event. I had the obligation - nay, the opportunity - to help BAKA accommodate a guest from Japan, a kigurumi photographer of some clout. The problem would arise in that he speaks very limited English, whereas the most Japanese our group can collectively speak are such phrases as "I'm a pencil", all of which are spoken only by me.

    Day 0 - Wednesday

    The drive was about as eventful as one would expect - a 45-minute jaunt through the SF Bay Area's uninteresting urban sprawl preluded a five-hour haul through a desolate, drought-stricken central valley. No attention was paid to our age-old pal at the bonsai stand near Harris Ranch this time, seeing as we were more concerned about reaching LA in a timely fashion.

    We made it into the city of Los Angeles, the destination that makes up half of the journey. Oh that's fine, everyone, take your sweet time, not like anyone's gotta be anywhere.

    .......Nevertheless, we survived the gauntlet of motorists and made it to our hotel, the JW Marriott - not exactly what one would call a fleabag motel, and one for which all of us had to pay out the ass.

    Certainly not the shabbiest place we've stayed at, though not the biggest either.

    My resting place for the remainder of the con. They seemed to present the situation like it was something dire and inconvenient, like we could only house three because we had only a bed for two and a couch for one. Oh fucking please, you two: I've been doing cons for the better part of a decade! Clearly, you've never shared a room with six other cosplayers and their stuff, or ever had to draw straws over who gets to sleep in the closet or the tub.

    .......With checkings-in complete, we searched for what would inevitably be a painfully long line exposed to the intense late-day heat of LA. We couldn't find it, however, instead stumbling upon a streamlined purchasing system that could be done through one's mobile device. I shat out the last of my money to buy a four-day pass, that I may be so blessed as to hurl myself into the congealing biomass that was this convention. Assuring as it was that food would be paid for over the course of the event, the same couldn't be said for fuel, which I'd be needing in order to commute to and from class after getting home, let alone the classes themselves. But to hell with it - AX would be worth it.


    Day 1 - Thursday

    .......There was a test in class today. I'd be missing it by being here. That wouldn't be a problem, had I been able to get it done beforehand. But it was a problem, seeing as my professor had forgotten to give it to me the day before I left. Instead, I'd have to do it after getting back the next week, and in the wake of AX - everything that would happen there, and everything I'd have to do afterward - I'd have forgotten all the material. Furthermore, the days I'd miss would include lectures I couldn't attend, and homework I couldn't get done, meaning that upon my return I'd be almost a week behind. In an accelerated course on a subject at which I suck to begin with, that's definitely not a good thing. So by coming here, I'd not only boned myself financially, but academically. So the rest of BAKA would have to forgive me if I wasn't plunging into this event with the greatest amount of gusto.

    Oreh joined us for our first shift of the day, in which we'd launch a probing raid to test the con center's defenses to better organize the later main attack.

    We arrived at the convention center; seems we found where LineCon was hiding all along. It wasn't to get a badge, it was to get into the building.

    With day 1's first shift, AX was off to a good start - in our brief time out around the con, we engaged in numerous activities, such as

    Product placement...

    Resurrecting some dead friends of ours...

    Product placement...

    More product placement...

    ...and religious practices. Please note that Jesus died for our sin, like just the one; as for the other six, we're pretty much SOL.

    With morning shift over with, Oreh opted to depart. The afternoon expedition would begin shortly afterward.

    Cici proceeds to harass some honest, hard-working individuals in the hotel.

    Evening shift began a couple hours after lunch - a hefty burrito at a small, local joint down the street. So that probably explains why less than an hour wearing a corset suddenly resulted in unbearable pain in my groin. Or maybe that was something else.

    My groin was doing its thing so I had to make a b-line to the room while Gumi remained out, basking in her fortune to not have to deal with my shit.

    There's not enough product placement in this post.

    In the meantime, the pain had subsided and I opted to headed back out for a solo run. Funny timing, since I encountered Gumi in the hotel lobby.

    Since the pain had subsided and I'd already gotten in, I wasn't keen on immediately going back to the room and changing out. Instead, I went out to the convention center on my own. There are no photos to document this because I was not accompanied by anyone.

    Continued in Part 2.

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    Great job at anime expo 2015 I don't blame of not liking la I am from there and ever since the millinium the technology and some people that don't care and just think of them selves I am not one of them