Anime Exposes Itself 2015: Part 2

  • Written by Sofa
    Photos by Sofa, Jesse, and HOSOn

    Day 2 - Friday

    .......We'd be picking up Hoson from the airport later today. Coffee was gifted to me as I dwelled on our predicament. The guest we'd be picking up spoke nary a glimmer of English, while my grasp on Japanese is tenuous at best. And here I was, being entrusted to something resembling translation: This foul-smelling heap of organic misery, whose Japanese sounds like it's coming from a two-year-old, was expected to represent the western kigurumi cosplay community to one of the most influential figures in the hobby in the east. And I'd be the one to retrieve him from arrivals, too, meaning I'd be their first impression of this corner of U.S. kigu. As for our group as a whole, it was up to us to make sure he was well-accommodated here, and got to do what he came here for: Sightseeing, fine dining, and shopping for t-shirts with crummy Japanese writing on them were just a few of the things on the list aside from anything convention related, and it's not like he was gonna be taking a cab to see any of these things.

    All these points rolled around in my brain as I read the message on my phone that asked "How is your vacation going?".

    Since Hoson wasn't due to arrive until the afternoon, Cici went out to meet a videographer who offered to give her attention.

    .......With a brief morning shift out of the way, we made our way to the airport. Gradually, thanks to the citizens of LA. A veritable clusterfuck ensued after I was promptly booted from the vehicle, expected to locate Hoson with naught but a sign with his name on it, the directions of the airport staff, and my own (lack of) wits. The hour-and-a-half wait allowed my worries to stew and fester; what I missed him while looking for the right terminal and he was now left to wait? What if he had no means by which to communicate with us and I'd have to locate a complete stranger? What if I couldn't locate him, and he'd be left aimless in a foreign country? Seeing him step out of the stairwell at arrivals reminded me that overthinking has always been a weakness of mine, after he'd contacted Cici to state he was going through customs. For an hour and a half.

    Nevertheless, we got what we came for. We dropped his kit off at his hotel near Little Tokyo and subsequently got lunch at the Mexican place again. With food consumed, his ticket purchased, and some downtime had, we got bored and set out for our evening shift.

    Below: Gumi steals a small child. Gumi, that's not yours. Put it back.

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