Anime Exposes Itself 2015: Part 3

  • Day 3 - Saturday

    .......It went without saying that my role as interpreter was practically useless: Nine times out of ten, we just approached communications obstacles by busting out Google Translate. So now I'd effectively fucked over my attempt to represent the west. Now, waking up to the sight of that renowned red-haired Iluca in the corner of the room, I realized I'd been given the opportunity to fuck over representing the east.

    Earlier, we'd been insistent that Hoson kig with us - he declined, insisting that one of us don his mask so he could get pictures. Cici doesn't wear masks made by others for business reasons, and Jesse didn't seem to vocal about the notion either. Therefore, since I'm perpetually dissatisfied with myself and obsessed with wearing other peoples' things, the duty to represent Hoson as his living watermark fell onto my shoulders. My broad, quarterback-like shoulders.

    Thank fuck her cosplay is a hockey jersey, lest I look like even more of a pinhead.

    The following pictures were taken by HOSOn of Wondrous Pharmacy as he accompanied us at the convention.

    So many onlookers, so few things to throw at them...

    None of us wanted HOSOn going home with a mask that smelled like my musk, so we decided it'd be best if I called it a day and got some pictures myself. I forget which of those below - if any - were taken by me versus our guest so I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. You people love going on about how damn insightful you are so figure it out, dicks.

    Miku joins the Flock while the rest of us are forced to wait.

    This bearded creep with a Hawaiian shirt kept following the kigs around all day, iunno what his problem is.

    After returning to the room, we were visited by a non-kig friend who wanted to redact the non-kig part through kigging. We accommodated this. If you can correctly guess which one they are in the pictures below, send your answer to [email protected] and you may be eligible to win, like, nothing!

    .......Thus concluded out kigurumi exploits at Anime Expo itself. However, we and HOSOn weren't done just yet: He still wanted a t-shirt with misprinted Japanese writing on it, and we were still due to seeing what sights LA had to offer. Moreover, in that moment, we were all hungry. So what better way to celebrate his West Coast adventure than eat at venerable western-US burger chain In 'n Out Burger? Plenty of things, I'd imagine, but In 'n Out was the consensus so we went there.

    Obligatory foodpics ensued. HOSOn meanwhile left the establishment with an In 'n Out t-shirt that was very much not in misprinted Japanese. To obtain that, we decided to go to Little Tokyo. We didn't find what he was looking for, but we did finally find the Promised Land.

    At it would happen, that very happened to be the 4th of July. Thus, the sky that evening contracted a very serious case of colorful explosions, which we watched from the JW's rooftop pool. Which is like a pool, except on a roof.

    Needless to say, we all had a lot of trouble sleeping.

    Day 4 - Sunday

    .......Our time at the convention itself was done, but we still had one more day on which to do stuff. To start it off, we decided to take HOSOn to Denny's, for which we couldn't find parking. Undaunted, we scoured downtown to find a place to park, to no avail. The search somehow led us to the venerable Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, where great portions of deep-fried poultry were messily devoured.

    A trip to Venice Beach ensued. We don't have any pictures of this, because that wouldn't be very Punk Rock of us. We did, however, try to go to MacArthur Park and Griffith Observatory to take pictures, neither of which came to be. So we found some place by the side of the road overlooking the city and HOSOn took shots there instead.

    We managed to make our way back to the hotel. Slowly. The motorists of LA were keen on keeping us around, it seemed. Dickings-about were partaken in after returning, followed by consumption of very expensive steak and also some alcohol. It was thanks to that last bit that my memory of the day's remainder is a bit fuzzy: just a blur of broken attempts at Japanese and comedic pseudo-German accents.

    Day 5

    .......They asked me how the "vacation" went. The only response they got was a resigned "ugh". I wasn't focused on retaining the details, only on organizing what lie ahead: The trip had set me back about a week in an accelerated math class, and in a painful financial spot. Furthermore, I still had to write up the blog post, organize the photos, and do assorted art stuff in the aftermath. The combination of all these things meant I'd be unable to resume my volunteer work at the observatory, for which I'd just signed up: that might leave a black mark on my record. Thus, it was with some trepidation and a harsh reaction that I opted to drop my summer course. At this rate, I would be too focused on catching up to learn anything, or do anything else anywhere for that matter. Not to mention, the daily trip to and from the Oakland hills would deal a finishing blow to my already-crippled bank account.

    In doing so, I was free. But what problems arose all came from AX: Was the trip worth it? Yes. Should I have done it? No. But were I to dwell on what I should have and should have not done in the past, I'd be here all day. So in the meantime, I use my unprecedented off-time to prepare; to repair my wounded finances, catch up on doing everything I wanted to do, and brace for what's to come.

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