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  • The Quick and Dirty Guide to Getting Started with Kigurumi
    (a list of various pieces of gear with price tiering)

    Getting started in kig can be daunting due to the fact that high quality masks of an Anime character can easily set you back $1000 or more; however, you can get in for just exactly that too. This little guide will break down and explain the differences in tiers and terms you will see while ordering from various makers.

    Tier 1 (quick, dirty, and sexy?)

    This tier will get you in with the smallest investment but comes with some caveats I’ll go over on each

    Instead of a hadatai from a maker, you can get pretty much any cheap flesh tone zentai for about $40 US. My first was a Milanoo but anything off Amazon works fine here. The downside is that they are usually shiny and not matte leading to the mask and bodysuit colors looking off.

    Next up is shape enhancement. This is kinda all on you at low tier. If you need boobs any enhancer will do: socks, push up bras, foam sleep…
  • BritKig: First Year in Review

    2018 has been a major year for me, with plenty of ups and downs both in and outside of cosplaying. It won't be much longer to the day one year ago that Irina came to my doorstep and I feel it is time to reflect on my first year as an animegao cosplayer.

    On March 17th, I attended my first convention in a cosplay costume at MCM Comic Con Birmingham March 2018 in The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.

    This is not the first time I have been to this venue for this event, in-fact, it is my third time. I have to attribute this being possible to my younger brother as, although I have an automatic driving license, I cannot afford to maintain even a basic car (and some of us do know what insurance and road tax can amount to).

    The sensations I experienced this time was a complete contrast on past occasions and, make no mistake, my mindset was completely different. I was actually quite popular with the kids and their grandparents. Interestingly, I never
  • A copy of this article, which you add suggestions to, is available on this link here.

    Hi ya!! /(^ x ^)\

    Thank you for stopping by! So you want to learn how to make cleavage in your skin suit? Hopefully this guide can help you out!!

    So, just a tiny bit of history? Originally I was starting a new project where I wanted to show some cleavage but I didn’t want to show any of my actual skin ‘cause I’m kind of modest in real life about that, lol!! Mid-Western values and all. =)

    Anyway, I knew I needed to make some sort of skin suit and did a ton of looking and research on the internet and by luck stumbled upon Natsuki-San’s website on how to create cleavage! I thought, “OMG, this is perfect, it’s exactly what I’m looking for!!”. Also, total bonus, but since I was binding myself down and would be using silicone breast forms I could “reset” my bust line and really accentuate my figure to whatever size I wanted and really get that hour-glass shape without surgery or…
  • I couldn't get the photos in here but the story is the same, if you want to see the photos which I believe help tell the story more, you can see it here.…FqzwqQlaCzEAJklBhSI1zVq3A

    In order to truly tell this story, we must go back in time. Way back to Otakon 2001.

    *Jumps into Delorean and hits 88MPH*

    Back then, I was a budding young crossplayer, living a completely sheltered life, while dealing with a constant migraine from a neck injury. I was just… existing…

    During the day when I was cosplaying at Otakon ‘01 I believe, I ran across Yuri. I can’t remember what she was wearing, but I remember everyone’s reaction, and I am sorry to say, it wasn’t positive. I honestly didn’t like their reaction, as I found kigu fascinating. But in my stupid youth, I went along with my friends and never saw her again.

    Afterwards, I spent some time looking for websites on what I saw. This was back in the day of dial-up, ass-slow Internet, and Google was not yet a…
  • Hey Kig people! I just want to have a heart to heart with you for a moment. Recently I got to have a chat with Cici, One of the Co-Owner’s, about the creation of this site

    I heard the History of Cici and a previous forum, and all the drama that went with it. I heard about how Things that start friendly can turn into a painful mess, and how Priorities can be skewed by personal problems and create drama for those trying to help. But I also heard about how friends can come together to make something beautiful and support one another! This is the most inspiring thing that I've taken away from this site. Even with all the drama that happens on other Social media Platforms, We can come together on this Forum to share Ideas and Provide support for one another. The fact that I can go through the forums without worrying if someone is going to attack my post or Shame my picture shares speaks to the fact that this is in fact a community, not an Elitist clique or club.

  • Hey folks! Nico, cici and I stomped around sacanime summer 2016, and here's the proof!

    The littlest misty:

    Gumi at the convention center:

    Streetwalking ;) :

    Food to go?

    There was anime:

    And western media:

    Gumi is tall:

    It's Nico!

    Clingy Nico:

    Bottom of the stairs:

    End of the con, Nico tired!

    Well, till next time!
    TTFN Rosie <3

    Photos by Rosie & Jesse
  • Hello,

    French KigO division reporting :
    Exactly one month after the Japan Expo, I found some time to write this little article for the Leek.

    So, what is Japan Expo ?
    Japan Expo is the #1 biggest convention in Europe. It exists since 1999 and the 2015 occurence attracted ~250K people during 4 days. Yes, it's a lot of people ! (half way to the Comiket attendance :S )
    There are smaller versions of Japan Expo (USA, Belgium, south of France, ...) since it becames some kind of brand. But the main one is always located near Paris at the begining of July. French uses the abbreviation "JE" to talk about their favorite annual meeting.

    "Oui ! nous allons à la JE cette année !! ♥"

    [email protected]
    Since I started Kigurumi in 2013, the french kigu club (now named KaoKig, Kiff) always longed for this annual meeting. To my delight, every year, we had the pleasure to meet with foreign kigus too who wanted to perform in France. We got Finnish, UKs, Swissies, Belgies, Germanisies, Spanishies, ...…
  • Anime expo, where about 98000 or so people gather to enjoy anime and merch. A confluence of cosplayers and fans of cosplay. This event is nuts, the sea of people is almost too much to take in.

    Even with this many people just the sight of Kigs the sea of people part like Moses said split.

    Still, the stoppimg every few feet can get tiring, even if you're getting attention

    And trying to divine which camera to look at is an art unto itself
    But some how we all seem to look like we knnow what we're doing.

    Well, some of us...

    Till part two,
    Rosie <3

    Picture 1:…e_anime_expo_2016_m14.jpg
    Picture 2,3: Myself
    Picture[email protected]/
  • A couple of weeks ago, AN2016 in Toronto became a main attraction for the cosplay and kigurumi communities. Although it was a great experience for all attendees, it was actually quite hot and humid compared to last year's gathering. Here is my latest Ahri's Diary entry on 5 tips on surviving the heat:

    1) Water - when you are in full zentai, foundation garments, padding, etc. you will inevitably sweat like a pig. I don't know where this idiom comes from considering that pigs only a few sweat glands — compared with more than 2 million in humans. Sorry, I digress. Let's just say that you will lose a lot a water due to perspiration (which can be a bit stinky. Pee-you!! So ladies, please don't forget to apply a generous of deodorant). Staying well hydrated is a must. Water would be a key component. For those that need more calories, there are always sports drinks for considerations.
    blog 3.jpg
    2) Caffeine - stay away from the cup of java or another swig of that dark cola. …