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    French KigO division reporting :
    Exactly one month after the Japan Expo, I found some time to write this little article for the Leek.

    So, what is Japan Expo ?
    Japan Expo is the #1 biggest convention in Europe. It exists since 1999 and the 2015 occurence attracted ~250K people during 4 days. Yes, it's a lot of people ! (half way to the Comiket attendance :S )
    There are smaller versions of Japan Expo (USA, Belgium, south of France, ...) since it becames some kind of brand. But the main one is always located near Paris at the begining of July. French uses the abbreviation "JE" to talk about their favorite annual meeting.

    "Oui ! nous allons à la JE cette année !! ♥"

    Since I started Kigurumi in 2013, the french kigu club (now named KaoKig, Kiff) always longed for this annual meeting. To my delight, every year, we had the pleasure to meet with foreign kigus too who wanted to perform in France. We got Finnish, UKs, Swissies, Belgies, Germanisies, Spanishies, ...…