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  • I couldn't get the photos in here but the story is the same, if you want to see the photos which I believe help tell the story more, you can see it here.…FqzwqQlaCzEAJklBhSI1zVq3A

    In order to truly tell this story, we must go back in time. Way back to Otakon 2001.

    *Jumps into Delorean and hits 88MPH*

    Back then, I was a budding young crossplayer, living a completely sheltered life, while dealing with a constant migraine from a neck injury. I was just… existing…

    During the day when I was cosplaying at Otakon ‘01 I believe, I ran across Yuri. I can’t remember what she was wearing, but I remember everyone’s reaction, and I am sorry to say, it wasn’t positive. I honestly didn’t like their reaction, as I found kigu fascinating. But in my stupid youth, I went along with my friends and never saw her again.

    Afterwards, I spent some time looking for websites on what I saw. This was back in the day of dial-up, ass-slow Internet, and Google was not yet a…