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  • BritKig: First Year in Review

    2018 has been a major year for me, with plenty of ups and downs both in and outside of cosplaying. It won't be much longer to the day one year ago that Irina came to my doorstep and I feel it is time to reflect on my first year as an animegao cosplayer.

    On March 17th, I attended my first convention in a cosplay costume at MCM Comic Con Birmingham March 2018 in The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.

    This is not the first time I have been to this venue for this event, in-fact, it is my third time. I have to attribute this being possible to my younger brother as, although I have an automatic driving license, I cannot afford to maintain even a basic car (and some of us do know what insurance and road tax can amount to).

    The sensations I experienced this time was a complete contrast on past occasions and, make no mistake, my mindset was completely different. I was actually quite popular with the kids and their grandparents. Interestingly, I never