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    Gruß @Renko: May I ask you where you got your mask from? ^^Looks great in any case On Discord (thanks again for the invitation) I came across an overview ( null ) .There are the most diverse mask manufacturers, bodysuit manufacturers and costume manufacturers listed. Many of them make the whole thing to measure There, I also found among other things. I have already placed my order for a bodysuit and a mask there. Now I just have to send the measurements Do you have any random expe…

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    Hello again and thank you all for your detailed answers. I appreciate the time you spent to answer my request. Indeed I have seen the pinned thread but I was kind of "beaten down" by the number of links. I thought maybe you can recommend a supplier where you ordered a costume and had positive experiences. @Renko: Ich komme leider vom anderen Ende bzw. aus Bayern. Es ist aber schön zu hören dass es auch in Deutschland Menschen gibt die sich für Kigurumi interessieren. Vielen Dank für den Link Ich…

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    Hi there from Germany I coincidentally and just discovered "Kigurumi" and I am flashed. It's something I was looking for for a very long time and I didn't know that there is a community and all the great stuff which I have already seen here. I want my own and individual Kigurumi costume. However, I am not gifted with carfing skills and I don't really know where to start. Is there a provider which individually designs full costumes and accounts my wishes and shape? Money doesn't matter! More impo…