Ultra Newbie Question-athon!

      Ultra Newbie Question-athon!

      Hello everybody! I'm Uchuu, nice to meet you all!!

      I'm kinda awkward and don't really know how to start off posts, so I'll just jump right into it. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, btw!!

      I'm a cosplayer, the "regular" kind who uses her real face to dress up as anime girls. I'm no stranger to the concept of animegao kigurumi, but I'm definitely new to how it all works. Currently I'm planning a cosplay of Aiwarn (Eyeone?? Toei please clarify) from Star Twinkle Precure, and since she's a cyclops I figured masking up would be the best route to take for her. It'll give me a flat face for her big ol' eye and I won't have to spend hours on a con morning applying makeup and a prosthetic that honestly wouldn't look as good as a mask would. So here's where my ultra barrage of questions begins!

      1. Is a half mask a viable option?
      I very briefly looked into the concept of animegao half masks that only cover the front of the face, rather than almost the entire skull, and found that they Do exist. I feel this route would be a better option for me, not only being a beginner, but I'd prefer to keep the size of my head as close to it already is as possible, if that makes sense? An aesthetic choice. Plus I feel it'll make her wig sit nicer, maybe... I'm not an expert in this kind of thing though, so basically, is a half mask a good or a bad idea? Would it sit strange, am I better off with making a full head mask?

      2. How should I go about seeing?
      Sight is another thing I've briefly looked into but I just cant... wrap my head around it, especially since I only have one eye to go off of (haha). I know that making the eyelid fold lines into slits to see out of is (potentially?) common, but Aiwarn doesnt really have two seperate eyes to have two seperate eyelid folds that line up with the general area of my irl eyes. I considered maybe making her lashline my seeing point instead, but I was planning on having it full of false lashes, which would make it difficult to see through. I also saw on a blog that sometimes using the shadow part of the sclera of the eye can work, if you use a netting to make it less obvious that there's a slit cut there. Is this a legitimate technique?

      3. Pointy Bois (ears)
      This ones not as in depth. If I do go down the path of making her a half mask, should I include her ears as part of the mask, or should I use prosthetic ears on my real ears? Her side bangs would cover the seam of the side of her face, since I typically glue side bangs down as it is, but I'd like to avoid it if it'd affect the general integrity of how the overall cosplay looks.

      4. Any other tips?
      I feel like I had more questions in my head before I started typing up this post, but they've all flown right out of my head. So if you have any tips and advice I should know that I haven't kinda touched on already, please let me know!

      Finally, I'll attach a picture of Aiwarn down here, so you all at least know the kind of look I'm going for :9

      Thank you for all the help in advance!!