Bodysuits that work with touchscreens

      Bodysuits that work with touchscreens

      I am looking to buy my first kigurumi bodysuit. I was thinking about buying one from Kanakig Studios since their bodysuits can be made to work with smartphone touchscreens, something that I could see being a problem in other bodysuits. I noticed, however, that Kanakig Studios is temporarily closed down, so I probably won't be able to order a bodysuit from them any time soon. Does anyone know of other kigurumi bodysuits that work well with smartphone touchscreens?

      Great question.
      I've had issues with not being able to use my phone while in kig until I adjusted the sensitivity of the phone.
      I also turn off the password or thumbprint while in kig.
      Remember to turn those back on afterwards of course.

      Once you are in kig also your natural respiration in your fingers will help out as well.
      I use My Way Fetish suits exclusively.


      I had the same problem that I had to press rather hard on the screen of my iPad and even then it would often not work. Then I remembered that I once got a pen for a present with a rubber tip. It is perfect for touchscreens. No more problems.
      Fingerprint and face recognition you can forget though.
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