Hello everybody

      Hello everybody

      Hi Everybody,

      Before I introduce myself, I should apologise a bit.
      I found this site after I ordered a mask from Layumi which should arrive in
      about two weeks, and I wanted to find out which character it represented.
      Somebody then advised me to ask here, and then, by reading a bit, I learnt
      that people say that Layumi just copies from Japanese designs and photos.
      Next time, I will be more careful, to make sure that the real artist gets
      his/her just reward.

      I am a partially retired scientist, working between physics, mathematics
      and computer science. I also like to make things with my hands. I have lots
      of tools for woodwork, and by now I am rather good with a sewing machine,
      making clothes for me and my wife, and also making some mathematical art

      A few years ago I learnt about kigurumi, and the idea attracted me
      immediately, even though I am not well informed about Japanese comics.

      Last year I was in Japan and tried to look up places in Tokyo that are
      known for their kigurumi environment, but in the end my schedule was too
      busy to really see anything. But I did learn that there are sites and shops
      where one can order things. Unfortunately I also found the Layumi site and
      because that was the most accessible one, I placed an order with them

      I hope that people here can advise me better.

      One of my ideas is to obtain a mask that is a young female form of myself
      using FaceApp, if anything decent comes out). I understand that there exist
      mask makers that can work from a combination of photos and measures. But
      again, I do not have any idea how to contact a good one and how long I have
      to save money for that.
      Of course this is not kigurumi as defined by imitating a cartoon figure,
      it will be lots of fun and confuse the old gossipy ladies in the
      The mask I ordered is for practise with the real kigurumi and to see how
      I can get around in the house dressed up like that.

      Would it be permissible to put a picture of the mask I bought, so that
      maybe somebody can tell who the original author is and what the name of the
      figure is?
      Thank you very much for the warm welcome. The list of mask makers is impressive. This will take me many hours to study. I will post the picture in another more appropriate thread.

      They say that if you want to keep your mind young, you should pick up a new hobby every few years. It looks like I found one.