Hip Pad Issue

      Hip Pad Issue

      I have been recently working on my padding and shaping for my kigurumi before ordering my first bodysuit. I ordered a set of foam hip pads online since I lack the time and resources to make my own pair. I got the pads in and have tried them out. The pads do get the job done, but there is one issue with them... After a few minutes, the hip pads begin to shift and create these unsightly bumps that show through the shapewear that I use, as seen in the attached image. I am a bit worried that if I use these hip pads with a bodysuit that these bumps will show through, which is something that I do not want while in kig... I do not know any way to fix this and am tempted to return them while I still can; however, with my lack of available resources to craft my own pair of hip pads, I really don't know where else I could get a set of hip pads to use...

      Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to resolve this dilemma? Perhaps a tip to get the pads to stop doing this or maybe a place where I can find a good set of hip pads?

      Many Thanks!
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      Hey @FYRE_Kig

      This can be a common problem with pads not having the right support. I've solved this problem by using High Open Toe Compression Stockings

      They aren't cheap by any means but do last a long time. A warning, they are tight and do take time getting used to pulling them on while putting on and positioning the pads. Small learning curve but well worth the extra time as the results are flawless. I hope this helps.
      So it's been a month since I last posted about my hip pad issue. I was able to get the compression stockings, and they help out tremendously! Also got some additional items to help out smooth everything out. I can now say with confidence that my padding and shapewear situation is all worked out! Thanks for all the help! ^^