3D printed Kigurumi Mask

      3D printed Kigurumi Mask

      I 3d printed this mask for a friend that backed out at the last minute after I had already 3d printed all 38 pieces and ordered the flesh tone paint as well as got all the other materials to finish the mask.

      I walked away from it for a bit since I have no interest in this mask I was going to charge my friend what ever the material cost and my time to finish it.

      I did paint the lips red and add a mole since I had red paint drip from the paint brush otherwise it's the way it is in the picture I have other pictures but this one was the only one that worked with the file size.

      The Mask cost me 2 rolls of brand new ABS filament, 3M panel bond adhesive 2 part glue, bondo , Grey primer, flesh tone hobby spray paint.

      I'm open to what ever anyone is willing to offer me for it I know what I have into it just in materials but I really have no use for it and I don't appreciate it I would rather recover some of what I spent and let someone else who actually will look after the mask and appreciate it have the mask.