Kigu Band Project

      Kigu Band Project

      Hi to all and who are interested,

      it is an uncomon wish, but i'd like to perform in a Kigu Band Project and want to ask if there is some people to attend to this.
      My part is Acustic Guitar/Electrical Guitar and i can add some basic piano knowklegde.
      I hope i can start a nice discussion about music and music styles (within songs and genres)

      Greetings Aiko
      *Meow* This is something I've been war gaming as well.

      Where are you currently situated? What I had in mind is somekind of Kigurumi art collective like The Residents.

      Can you really play guitar while in kig? That's fairly impressive.

      I'm down to start something, can you go heavy or experimental? I feel like aping anime music is the too obvious choice. I feel like the field would be way too saturated even if we had a full kig band playing Jpop, should we decide to seriously take it far as it can go.

      Kigurumi has a lot of visual impact and still some shock value in the west, we would at least have our foot in the door over most bands on just the stage presence alone.

      What did you have in mind?

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