Thoughts on Making Music while in Kig?

      Thoughts on Making Music while in Kig?

      This question is very unorthodox, but what are everyone's opinions on the idea of performing in a band while dressed in Kig (mostly just the mask, Zentai is optional)?

      I'm comparing the idea to the likeness of the Masked Singer and groups like Slipknot and Ghost (where the members are completely dressed in masks and costumes). As a vocalist, would you still be heard; or is there a way you could have a mask modified so that the vocals could transmit properly? Also, how would it be to see out of the mask?

      The images below are what I had in mind for a mask to perform out of (from the perspective of the vocalist):

      I would love some insight on this!


      i know of one! their name is tomoe if i saw correctly, and their music is VERY INTENSE, like its seriously no joke!!! you can find them here and here! (dunno if those are clickable but just copy paste if not,,,,) really though, please be careful when wearing headphones if you check out their songs! theyre very intense and amazing :)