i'm new here, and i've never felt confident in my cosplays due to hating the way my face looks in it. i wish to get into kigurumi since i really like the look of it, does anyone have any tips for beginners? i can't afford super expensive things because i just don't have the funds for that, so advice for cheaper kigurumi stuff (like d.i.y or cheaper masks, i'm planning on potentially 3d printing a mask but i need to do more research before taking on that project) would be heavily appreciated !
      if you go forward with the 3d printing there are a few base models that you can use as a starter online. I have seen a few people start with home made paper mache masks they did themselves. Do no feel forced to get the complete kit of a hadatai and all the other parts because otherwise it is not "right". If there is someone within range to meet personally reach out and see if they are interested in talking. it is always good to have a spotter and working together makes things easier.

      remember kigurumi is a basic translation of "mascot" so have fun with it whatever you decide to do.
      In general 3D printing masks yourself is only recommended if you already have the proper experience for it because it's really easy to mess prints up, and that piles up quite the amount of money after a while for which you could just buy a blank base shell for (these would be pretty cheap and require no painting beyond the makeup).