Gathering Kigurumi support local to you ^___^

      Gathering Kigurumi support local to you ^___^

      This thread is for the lonely kigurumi who yearns for companionship that is more than just a social network.......

      "just wish I could do more meetups with other kigs (especially seeing as we don't have anime cons every other weekend like you do over there)"
      "wish I could find more local people who want to kig"
      "Not sure how you manage that"
      "I really should talk to my friend again"

      I hear this type of plea into the darkness everyday....
      It is one of the most isolating things about kigurumi... Not having a local network... For support, for friendships, meetups, for a shoulder to cry on...

      Whatever the reason, this thread is here to kick around positive ideas to help each other find the magic bullet which opens the door into a whole new level of kigurumi...

      When I first started out on this path I was all alone, there wasn't a kigurumi anywhere close to me... My only contact was through the keyboard I am composing this thread right now...

      Well, first of all, im going to use this opportunity to advertise my map which can let you see who might be close to you from the existing members within the community (that has asked to be added to the map) as this will give you a good chance to find existing local people to meet up with and hang around with.

      Now as for getting more people, thats a tough one, I would really say try to talk to people local to you who you think might be interested, maybe find a local cosplay group and start attending it and see what the people are like. If your out try to give your contact details to anyone you think might be interested (especially easy to tell who is and is not if your in kig at the time) and see how many of them get back to you about it. Genrally try to be as open about it as possible...... the more you hide it then the less chance of getting other interested, or to even know about it.
      I was the very same till i came uppon Cody and Ashley....through out my cons i've gotten several few interested in hopes that they will join the cuteness ^w^. I feel now that I've made new friends here at my new area, i've stumbled uppon furries in my complex...brought a smile to my face when they told me they are interested in trying kigurumi ^w^ I feel that my spreading of kigurumi to this state is slowly yet surely taking its effect many people are curious and interested in kigurumi.
      "Think, you humans who are split into two worlds, unless you want the gulf between humans to expand into oblivion, you must think!"
      Quick glance at KMP and you can see, that between Germany and Russia, there is (almost) nobody to kig with.
      My idea was to make a kig(*)-friendly con in Poland, so that some "offline" people would surface, as well as kig would be promoted in that area.
      However, while i was finishing my thread on that here, i accidentally hit back on keyboard (right under ctrl key) and lost everything (about twelve to twenty lines of text)
      Should i retry now or wait until pain of loss will vanish?

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      (*) - kig, fur, etc., basically all kinds of cosplay and otaku work in one con that also would level up con standards here in PL
      i have no idea what to write here

      scath01 wrote:

      I've been tossing around the idea of off-the-beaten-path kig gatherings, and outings, such as hitting a local zoo, amusement park, perhaps even a Rocky Horror.

      For example, just at the renaissance faire, I've gotten a lot of interest in kig from people.

      Small "off-meets" are possible and sometimes done among certain communities, but ye gotta be careful when going out to do it: RenFaires and such events are fine, but lots a places got rules about masked people walking around.

      Though I figure the best draw you can put out is the presence of photographers. Kigs are a sucker for those.
      I always, out of habit, clear it with the venue first, just in case. Oddly, enough some venues like having characters (be it renaissance faire people, furries, or kigs) come in. Once, I actually had a pizza joint buy me dinner just because wearing the garb from the renfaire got eyeballs and more people coming in.
      Nice to see there's a thread like this here. ^^

      I've been trying to find more people who like kigurumi here in Brazil, but it's difficult. I'm one of the content creators at a Facebook page made to spread the word of kigurumi to the people here, and we got some likes, but the people who like the page don't come to talk, so it's hard to find people that are really interested.

      When I get my first kig, I want to go to a con, to find some people who can become interested in kigurumi by seeing one live. XD

      Also, I'm planning (with the help of Takami and other people) to make a kigu-themed room in a con, to spread the word even further. We would show kig photos (and maybe videos), some finished (and unfinished) masks by the makers from here, tutorials, and explain the concepts of kigurumi (in general). Also, there would be some kigs walking through the con, advertising the room in order to get more people to see what we would be showing there.

      I hope this idea becomes reality and we get a lot of kigurumi fans and performers here. ^^
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      Yeah we have this ideia here xD
      Even with the distance problem we have (The con is on his ciyty and I'm about 5 hour distance , by bus :v ) want to make a room, and when Kigu get more popular here, it also could be used to the kigus to rest and change up o3o we have a lot of ideas already XD
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      i am do kinda stay alone with kigurumi hobby here.. even a country like japan where is alot of kig people... Well my friends say is wierd hobby and it does look creepy .. so i not realy have support much about or somebody yet.. with i could do cosplay kig together. I realy hope i can find new kig friends at conventions like "wasshoi/wonderfest" and at social network/platforms of cause... I am realy open for new people and have no problem about anything♡ I kinda exited too, to meet new people about and share kig stuff~☆♡
      Happy halloween!
      Wow, the closest kigs to me are in Atlanta! That's probably about a 4 hour drive away. But who is to say there aren't any other unmapped kigs? I'd love to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta and Furry Weekend Atlanta, as well as other cons frequented by other kigus. The hardest part is making the friends.
      Sometimes we've just got to enjoy the small things in life.

      Rayuki wrote:

      Wow, the closest kigs to me are in Atlanta! That's probably about a 4 hour drive away. But who is to say there aren't any other unmapped kigs? I'd love to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta and Furry Weekend Atlanta, as well as other cons frequented by other kigus. The hardest part is making the friends.

      i think there is someone in Savannah that was at AWA this year...