KMP - Kigurumi Map project

      KMP - Kigurumi Map project

      Hello all.

      Guess it is about time that I make a thread dedicated to this here. As some of you will know, this is my KMP project, the aim of the project is to try to create a list of where people are in a format that is easy for people to understand, so whats better than a map allowing you to see where people are even if you don't recognize the name of their town.

      I decided it would be a good idea to make a list (in some sense or other) of kigs, their location and their contact details as this will let people find each over and explore the wider area a lot more, if you are going to a con and you dont know who is nearby then this should be a good place to start. I also thought that it would be a good idea to allow kig fans to be added as well as kigs, as this will allow people to find handlers and photographers based on where they live, as to make it more convenient for everyone in the future.

      Bellow is the standard FAQ for the project, this is the same as what is on Kigcos and also Eurokig forums. Let me just remind you quickly, that I will only be adding people who ask me directly to the project as until they do I do not know for sure if they want to be involved with the KMP or not, as doing so will give out their contact information and their location.

      Kigurumi Map Project (KMP) [Link]

      What is it about?
      It is about producing a map that will enable people, kigs and fans alike, to see who is in their local area, dont worry they wont be able to see the address but they will see enough to know roughly where people are.

      I was discussing with someone about the location of kigs saying how their is a few closer to them then they thought (without giving names) and I thought it would be good for them to have some way to look up who is close to them, so they can see who is within traveling distance and how to contact them.

      Where can it be found?
      It can be found by clicking here. The map is made using google maps so should be safe and reliable.

      How to be added
      If you are willing to be added to the map then please contact me with the following details:
      • Name:
      • Location: (at least down to town level, if you live in a large city, like London, then what area you live in)
      • Message: (to be added to the map)
      • Status: (kig or kig fan)
      • Contact info / link: (e-mail, Facebook, twitter, ect. NOT accepting phone number or full address)
      • Picture Links: (Kigs only)

      Contact me here through PM or on this thread, through facebook, skype (Cloud Tied) or e-mail ([email protected]) me.

      How will the pictures be displayed?
      The pictures will be added to your map marker, so when someone clicks on the marker they will see int the information that their are some pictures, and when they click on this it will show them the pictures using the full window. The pictures should be of your kig and should help people to recognize who you are, I will not be adding many per person so try to pick some of your best pictures to show off.

      For best results and ease of use its best if you can give me URL's to the pictures, and for the pictures to be of a good size while being small enough to load. I will review every picture before it gets added and will ensure that according to my standards it is family safe before adding it.

      I am building my own mask / awaiting delivery of a mask, am I a kig or a fan?
      If you are building your own mask then I will personally class you as a "kig fan", this is as you are not guaranteed to finish the mask for many different reasons, but it clearly shows that you are enthusiastic and defiantly a fan of kigurumi. When you have officially finished making your own mask then feel free to contact me and I will update you details where needed.

      If you are currently awaiting to receive your first mask and it is expected to arrive within 14 days and you wish to be added to the map, then please contact me after you have received your mask. If it is over 14 days until you expect to receive your mask then feel free to contact me whenever and I will change your details at a later date as per your request.

      This is as all edits to the map are done by myself, changing your status actually means removing your old map marker and adding in a new map marker with the same information but in the other group. To make my life easier I would not like to be changing people's status all too often, only when needed.

      What Language will it be in?
      It will be in English, English will be the native language but I am willing to add in a copy of the information you send to me in your native language (or local language) as long as you provide the translation.

      My information has changed or I want to be removed, what to do?
      In this case feel free to contact me and I will update the information to match your request. I will not be held accountable for any out of date, misleading or incorrect information.

      I know 'X' and 'Y' can you add them?
      No. I will only be willing to add the information of people who contact me, if you want to be added contact me directly and don't ask someone else to do so. This is as it is voluntary and will not be fare to add people who don't want to be added, especially when they could be contacted by someone through this.

      How accurate will the location be?
      Don't worry, it wont be too accurate. It will be down to the nearest town (or village if provided) and no further, if you provide to me a street I will not put the marker at that location. I will not accept any people who do not give their location down to town level to me, without this you cant be added. If your town is very large (for example, London) then give an area if you want for people to more accurately know where you are.

      If for any reason the marker is placed where you live, then this is by pure chance. All markers will be placed on or close to where the search tool gives me when searching your location.

      What time scale are we looking at?
      I hope to be running this project for some time and to keep on improving it as people's information changes and new people want to be added. To date I have been running the map for some time now and don't plan to stop any time soon.

      As for the time taken for me to read your request and add you to the map, this can be varied depending on what I am doing, this is a project and not my top priority. I will try to where possibly act within a day of being contacted.

      How will the information be displayed?
      It will be displayed on a special version of google maps, which will enable people to clearly see the different people that have been marked on the map. As of yet I am unsure if it will keep all of the normal functions that google maps has as I have not tested this fully yet but it will have the good and reliable service that is provided for the ordinary google maps.

      I would like to add this to my website, can I?
      Yes you can add it to your website if you would like, but please do contact me beforehand so I know where the map is being added to, also if needed I will give you the code required to add it to your website and will assist in helping you to do so as much as needed.

      How do I get in contact with you?
      To get in contact with me then feel free to e-mail me, contact me through facebook, leave a message (in this thread or through a PM) here or get in touch with me through skype if possible.

      e-mail: [email protected]
      Skype: Cloud Tied

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