Nozomi Tojo Kigurumi Cosplay Project

      Nozomi Tojo Kigurumi Cosplay Project

      Hey there everyone :), well aside from the those that know Id like to say that sometime in April ill be getting my first Kig mask :D . So I figure a progress thread would be proper for all that Im attempting to do. For not only showing progression to the members of our lovely community but also for advice, learning, and discussion.

      The kig mask shall be Nozomi Tojo from Love Live School Idol Project. A character in which I have many reasons why shes my first kig mask. <3 <3

      1st off, was because of her personality and demeanor, Her reputation around others, the kindness she pervays beautifully, her selflessness, her love for her friends, and some pretty funny habits. 2nd, is that shes a singer. 3rd, would be that, I just adore her design and animation. Though the last and biggest reason was the fact that my lovely friend, Claire suggested me to watch the anime quite a while back and kind of kept nudging me to stay on it. I ended up finding out alot of how that Nozomi and the anime itself speaks to me as a person and even so a musician.

      Though because of that me and her want to make the idol group both her Maki chan and my Nozomi-chan are apart of. Its also why I chose GKO other then his excellent craftmanship and style. There are 9 members in total in this idol group that is called muse. If anyone would want to join along in this long term group cosplay project, theres 7 more vacant spots, so let me or her know

      ~These are basically the 3 things that will be the main focus of being posted here~

      A. Mask and DIY work.
      B. Bodyshaping and Zentai work.
      C. Cosplays

      ~Ill keep them coming as there answered to keep things a little more stable in the thread and not make a huge mess.~

      My first one though is, On the subject of wigs what is the ideal way to go about upkeep?
      Finally got a chance to update this thread >_<. Been wanting to update it for several days. Though silly things aside.

      Got a pretty sizeable update for things related to the zentai/bodyshaping subject.

      Ive made some progress with my foam pads that where put on hold way before I decided to go with Nozomi.

      I have acquired my new shapewear. Progress is a bit slow for my tastes, but none the less its progress. Hoping for things to get moving a bit quicker!

      The two shapewears in the photos below are X-Small and 2X-Small. The idea behind the choice of these two was the first layer would be easier to put in pads, while the 2nd layer would basically just compress further and hide the zipper. Another reason why I chose these shapewears where particularly cause of the brand. Its the only brand that ive found that makes smaller sizes then a small when it comes to shapewear.

      These two shapewears where recently discountinued however by the brand maker, though this particular ebay store sells the shapewear and also has other options available for great prices.

      X-Small Vedette Paule

      2X-Small Vedette Nicolette

      Progression photos for the 2nd foam pad. It is basically a fusion of a hip and butt pad. I learned how to make these style from some tutorials on youtube from drag queens.

      One of the videos I learned from, the other seems to no longer be on youtube.


      Ill do what I can to make a sooner update next time around hopefully.

      As too Meerah and Victorias responses, thank you for the responses to my questions. Victoria on the subject of conditioner, whats a brand you would recommend the most?
      A little quick update :), I was able to pump about 4 hours into the foam hip/butt pads last night. Ive smoothed down the pads on the butt side (the wide part), though I still have to smooth out the hip side. Then I start changing the shape and height of the pad all over to match the first one.

      An out of this quick update, this one gave me a nice way to wake up this morning. Some progress photos for Nozomi from the lovely GKO. :D Below the photos will show the basic design idea drawn digitally on a photo, then the rounding of the cheeks for the new mold. Nozomi is basically a modification of GKO's GPM-08.

      If anyones curious, hes perfectly fine with posting his progress photos.

      The smoothed out foam pad.

      Nozomi's Progress photos.

      Photo no.1 detailing how the GPM-08 will be modified into the GPM-09, Nozomi.

      Photo no. 2 reference mod photo

      The actual mold itself in construction :D

      Another angle of the mold <3

      One last picture of Nozomis mold.

      An the best news of all, apparently she will be done earlier then I expected. Instead of sometime in early April like I calculated, she will be done at the end of March. :). Anyways, hope you all enjoyed this update. :saint:
      Two questions I'd love ask yall lovely gals.

      What are some websites yall recommend for getting cosplays besides Taobao? I'm wondering what else is out there. An it can even be websites for cute outfits of all sorts. Not just strictly the cosplays for Nozomi or any other sort.

      An last, what are some important things I should know about selecting, taking care of, and preparing them for cons? :)

      I'll have a update sometime soon, thanks in advance for hopefully the lovely responses soon to be coming <3
      Hey folks!, If anyone saw my posts of facebook this will be my first of two posts, from today and then tomorrow. Want to give some space for anyone to comment or say anything back to what I post. ^__^.. Soo...

      Thank you Alice and Jovina for your suggestions ^__^. Was curious what else was out there besides taobao... So y'all will probably find out where I order the outfits from soon. :)

      Kanata one step at a time ;) I do want to learn her dance moves, and especially if the north american kig u's group forms. Nozomi has me doing a whole lot and more that I need to do. Im sure it be fun to do some of the dances with you, whenever we finally meet :D.

      An well Cici if thats the case ill obviously go with taobao, I just wanted to hear from others what they had to say and see if they make some lovely suggestions themselves besides what you told me :). I'm gonna be able to start putting money into my outfits in the next few days or so, ill give my browse of things then. Just havent sat down and gave a large amount of time to browse and look at prices. I always appreciate any advice you give me. xD.

      Now for the 1st update :) .

      In light of me trying to keep the peace with the other things in life and balance such with kig, Ive been able to get a couple things ordered and get a little more done with the foam pads.
      First off I got myself a lovely Ann Chery waist cincher, thats XS and runs a bit small, so gives a nice tight squeeze to shape me to a lovely 27" or a 68.58 cm waist.

      If you want to check out other websites (cause theres a couple that sell them), its called the
      Ann Chery Latex Classic Waist Cincher. Its product no. is #2025.

      2nd thing I ordered was these lovely breast forms you can find in this link, which If Im right they should be the size I need, but if not might have to size up ;) cause Nozomi is well endowed ^-^. They will basically be used in my attempt into making the boob suit. Which ill use some cheap zentais as practice before I touch my GKO zentais. I won't have them til Thursday, sooo ill find out then if I need to size up.

      Now a little question for you all, which would go towards my next major project, the boob suit, what are things y'all might know that I might overlook or should know?

      An for that, that was part 1 of the 2 updates. Looking forward to your comments
      2nd update time!

      This update is details some bodyshaping stuff (the pads and breast forms) and a new progress photo of Nozomi. :D

      First off, the last night or two Ive been able to get more done with the hip/butt pads. I smoothed out the longer tip that goes along the leg to match the other hip/butt pad I have.



      Im getting closer to finishing them, so hopefully I can have them done in the next week or two.

      As for the breast forms from yesterdays update came to my house today, but unfortunately they where too small so I'm gonna have to return them and size up xD.

      Now, the most important part of this update. Nozomi is getting one step closer to becoming a reality! What you see here is basically the mask being made from the molds from the earlier photos. After all is said and done, its going to be taken out the black casing to take one step further into completion.


      Hope you all enjoyed the 2nd update, and hope to update quickly with the next batch of progress :D

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      @ Yuna, Shakie: Its basically the mask mold. I checked with GKO, and thats what he exactly told me.

      @ Victoria: By all means no, the balloon stuff was only to get a measurement. Im getting breast forms for sure, just been a bit difficult as of late. Should be resolved soon. The SKA cleavage tech or any similar variant is what I'm going for. :)

      An my apologies for the late replies.~ Things been busy in my neck of the woods.
      Finally got around to being able to update! In spite of my well 2 week absence ive been keeping busy in kig, and the progress shots have been coming in from GKO.

      To start things off, ill start with some of the stuff Ive ordered.
      These items are primarily to work on one of my next projects. The boob suit, which for those people who dont know is basically the zentai (skinsuit for kig cosplay) modified to look like this. Credits to this photo go to the lovely SKA kigurumi.…568548668/?type=1&theater

      The zentais I bought are mainly for experimenting. Aside from the ones I ordered with my kig mask masker, GKO which I will not change until Im experienced enough to do so.

      Next thing to note that has happened is that I finally finished my foam pads! Lost some sleep trying to get them done within the schedule I set for myself X'D. Ill be testing them out tonight to see how they look.

      An the most important of news. Nozomi should be finishing completion sometime soon!

      Here is basically the mask mold finally with the eye holes cut out before the final steps to complete the mask are made :D

      An this right here will be her beautiful eyes. I was really happy with how GKO did them. They where rather spot on.

      With all that being said, as for how things I have next to finish I have.
      • The boob suit
      • mPad (a foam pad that basically what covers the family jewels haha)
      • Ordering outfits and commissioning her earrings for her set outfits.
      • Maintenance and travel supplies
      • A vanity mirror ;)
      Other then that, Thats it for tonights update, and I hope to bring more soon :D.
      @Rias and Fuusen.

      I use the electric knife first, then scissors. Electric knives are not that great for detailed cutting. I just use it to cut off excess foam only to save time.

      Aside from Kig I keep busy with other things xD.

      I will make some time to check out some more time saving alternatives in the future.