140606 Fuyu semi custom prep and build

      140606 Fuyu semi custom prep and build

      In June of 2014 I knew I had to create a semi custom mask to be able to sell more affordable masks to clients not yet into the full custom area~
      A classic anime profile and standard size was produced the fill the bill.. Classic shape for an adaptable mask, being able to take on multiple characters. Standard size to fir most western clients. One of the big flaws in purchasing a mask that is too small is it looking out of proportion to your body size.. I see it too often were people get a really cute mask and plop it on their heads with no regard to proportion..
      <----- after print and pre~assembly she looks like this

      assembled next to some ear patterns, the blue plastic I use for tools.. Thicker wall and better resolution that the abs.. Just makes it easier to make the tool..

      minimum prep was needed to get the tool into shape for creating a silicone mold.

      as the process progress I started to see the pure anime shape take form... One of the reasons a make these little jewels is selfish on my part~ I love to see things come to life... Kigurumi is life, life from anime, comics or manga... To see something you've made come to life to give people joy and happiness is very satisfying.... Something I never got from traditional Art... These touch no only the host body but the people viewing them.... And it is not just for the elite "high brow" viewers... Kigurumi can be viewed and enjoyed by anyone... You just have to know we exist...