Telling Friends or Family About that you kig a-Misk Opinion

      Telling Friends or Family About that you kig a-Misk Opinion

      So i've talked to Some kigs not naming who and some Maskers not naming who about telling friends and Family that you Kig and or Masks SO HERE WE GO :P

      for friends just consider it as a way to gauge your friendships with your friends, yes i said gauge as in ranking.. "what do you mean by ranking?" well im glad u asked!

      listen Friendships are earned not given out like candies.... and so if you tell your buddies that you kigg or show em a picture of a kig and ask em what they thought about it you can generally tell somewhat of a reaction from them if they go WTF? or shit thats freaky stop right thar! if they go huh pretty interesting, hey why not so let em no BTW IS ME! and you'd probably get a good laugh

      heres a example for telling my few friends i kig, Dinner time chatting it out i show em a picture and say what do you think of this? they look at a picture of a kig some say kind interesting kind odd with that reaction i pretty much told those 4 friends that yea btw thats me i got weird looks and i swear to god they all said hey to one there own.. and to this day they are my slave spotters i mean best friends.

      But to this day i would not tell Shiet to some friends because you know there reactions will be Negative and thou they are still my friends i would not rely or tell em sensetive stuff at all for my own Sanity regardless i am Me outside of kig and i and MM as a Kig.

      Just keep in mind even though you tell some friends who you think will support you but u get the wrong reaction, you should be friends in a sense if they go NOPE friends no more! then it just means they werent really a friend to start out with Remember Folks Friendships are earned not given out like candies :P

      My rankings on tell friends
      Long time friends high school-Consider telling
      Work friends- NOPE
      Mutual- NOPE
      Kigs-pfft of course

      Now For familys

      again this is just me... listen there your parents they litterly should not give a crap about if you kig or not if they really love you and have supported you all your life they really should not give a flying Miku... Except the cost of yours but that Also something you should really say "its coming out of my own pocket, it is not affect my Financial status at all"

      Ways if you argue is its just a type of Cosplay
      why are you cosplaying a female?
      Mum dad its a type of cosplay i play the character not the gender BUT not to say that doesnt mean you arent playing the Gender as well :P to one there own

      heres how my family litterly found out that i kig....
      Sister 1- Walks by my room "what the heck is that?" my reply cosplay? problem?
      sister 2 - well she jsut a bloody ninja she found out some how
      Dad- Opens door when im caming and i punt the camera way
      "need something?"
      "yea breakfeast" it ended up being lunch but it was good talk and laugh and he doesnt stop asking/wondering... then again hes the old asian military breed o.o
      Mom-whats with the head and all these outfits!
      i never got back to her but she got the point i think

      Remember Folks you are there Flesh and blood if they cant accept you for the way you are.... huh are your really my parent? shit i know im supose support u in old age but if u cant even support me Morally i how am i suppose to accept that fact im supose to look after you after your old

      Again this is my own Misk Opinion and 99% of you will probably not Agree with me but you need to understand you make life as difficult or easy as you want it to be and so make it easy on your Self throw it out there and See wat floats and wat sinks and toss the Shiet that sinks to the side and roll with what flaots cause its gonna supports you when you think your down and out

      ps Your look to the left or right.... see those Kigs or Masks... yep they be supporting your through thick and thin.....

      Keep replys Helpful if you plan to add on as in have Experience telling people u kig or mask

      Edit- Keep in mind this is the opinion of a 21 year old Kig that has been through way to much in a short time....and is also Consider insane by her own rights....
      One way in to Kig no way out :P

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      No matter what you are tell about family/friends. If you stay for that what you are doing and love so far its all be fine. Its just a hobby like others, its just not that commun like other hobbys and people not know about and the taste of how it looks like could be creepy for most. In my opinion its nothing other like other extrem/creepy/relaxed/pretty and however hobbys. We are not there on earth to be restricted and living that way. We should enjoy every moment of life and for many as i know is kig a good way to do alot of stuff. There is nothing wrong about how you going to enjoy something or how you do feel. As you know alot kig also be there because people no matter what gender, do feeling kinda like and do want be show this feelings and share with other. Kigg is so much more than just creepy hobby or something else like that, its just a shame for our cultures and standarts that public is not much open for this things or at least is going to be accept it. There alot of things about what does make problems of course, like the way other grow up or religion things. Most people they tend to be ugly to an hobby not are be them self anyway, they just be affected of other or in that case of alot of countrys i guess, the mainstream, but still its up to everybody it self the way he/she is like to living and also enjoy. If you like what you do and stay for this, there is nothing wrong with it. That what is my opinion
      Happy halloween!
      Its interesting here I am the same have only told a small handful of friends beyond the kig world....and they're pretty relaxed about it.....they told me "It looks cool enjoy what you love most."

      When it came to my family it was very interesting lol...

      My younger brother was the first he came in one day while caming and he was a bit shocked at first a little freaked out but came to liking how awesome it looks, to this day he still very relaxed about seeing me in kig as well as his girlfriend she even liked the art style of kigu *w* (possible she could get the kigu virus XDDD).

      Now we come to my parents....interestingly enough Dad was the first...honestly his reaction when he first saw Claire was pretty neutral. It was during my 2nd year and followed on that Halloween when i told both mom and dad about kigurumi. I was surprised at first but was very happy at the same time because I knew in my heart they were pretty cool about it. They asked about kigu and answered it the best i could with what knowledge i had at the time. After I told them it was totally different than it was during my first year in kigu and to this day am still happy they know and love them so much.

      I know this is difficult to come and tell those you love about what you enjoy especially your parents and family...I was scared for my life when the day came because i was unsure how my parents would react. If your family loves you then they would respect what you enjoy and love doing. <3
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      I don't have very many friends I only told a few of my friends they said it looks cool because some of my friends like anime and I didn't even know about kigurumi since last year all I was doing was watching tv and playing video games which I am kind of a gamer i don't know what my family would think but in my opinion I think it's fun

      tuxminnis wrote:

      I don't have very many friends I only told a few of my friends they said it looks cool because some of my friends like anime and I didn't even know about kigurumi since last year all I was doing was watching tv and playing video games which I am kind of a gamer i don't know what my family would think but in my opinion I think it's fun

      Listen i said it in my post cause its Different in NA then JP or other countries, It seems like you have a group of friends who will not care if u kigged they probaly even support you by the sounds of it as for Family, Family is family regardless if they support you or not there stuck with you and will have to cope with it and unless there terrible human beings the wont even support/Respect there kids hobby you really have nothing to worry about

      yes i know how i explain things can sound Terrible but they are hard facts and a kick in to reality somtimes
      One way in to Kig no way out :P
      Most on here have probably heard my feelings and views on this topic before but I will reply here because Misk brought it up so, first I think it depends on your particular situation ie how accepting your friends and family would likely be about you kigging and if your emberressed or ashamed that you kig and you don't want them to go aaround telling everyone that you kig. In my case a lot of people who I socialize with are older and in many cases also socially conservative so I don't want to be rejected by them so I choose to keep this part of my life private. My family actually might be ok with it and I might have told my mom if she promised to never tell anyone else but she won't do that because she thinks that "secrets are bad" and plus I get anxious think about telling her. About 4 years back before I even got Lilly (my mask) I sent her a few links about kig including a picture of one and she said that it was creepy. :| Asked her why she thought it was creepy and I think she said that It was because of the big eyes and the unmoving face, but she did'nt seem to mind the crossplay aspect of it at least. Honestly she would more likley then not be ok with it maybe not right away but probably eventually, but I don't see a reason to risk it plus I could'nt be guaranteed that she would keep it secret. However she respects my privacy and she knows not to go into my closet (which is where I keep Lilly) because I have "private things" in there. I don't live with my dad but I do see him a few times a year when I go to visit and he might be ok with it too but there really is no point in telling him because I don't live with him and I've never even asked how he feels about secrets. Also the whole crossplaying stigma is just stupid if you think about it why is it "ok" for girls to play male characters but not the otherway around some things are just stupid I guess. X( And by the way I fully agree from meeting you at Anime North in May that you are not quite "insane" but certainly crazy, but in a good and fun way though.

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      I'm sorry parker but....

      ​ if your emberressed or ashamed that you kig

      You have said this many times yet you continue to stay around. I don't get it. Why on earth would you continue an activity which affects
      you so personally??? I really think you need to revisit your motivation to perform kigurumi. We are extremely proud to have this gift the was
      laid at our feet. You need to pass on the POSITIVE aspects of the craft and not drowned inside your poor outlook on yourself........
      Even to thinking about is no good.
      I realy thinking kigurumi is nothing for you parker. The way you explaining seems like you dont even fell well about youself and cant relaxing. You should maybe first try something different before blaming something for.
      Kigurumi is not to make you more stress than you already feeling, kigurumi is a way to relaxing and do something about your problems or stress. Kigurumi is like cosplay to take distance to the things that does bothering you, not to connecting it with this hobby. If you feel very bad about kig and just feel like keep as secret, it maybe not right hobby for you~☆
      Happy halloween!
      Well my thought is this: pretend that you have a person in mind and you do tell them and they laugh out loud and never want to be around you again. It is a tad over board but assume they will take it hard. If you have any reason to wonder then I would not tell.

      Otherwise you are safe: you prepared yourself for the roughest thing to happen.

      missnamikawa wrote:

      Well my thought is this: pretend that you have a person in mind and you do tell them and they laugh out loud and never want to be around you again. It is a tad over board but assume they will take it hard. If you have any reason to wonder then I would not tell.

      Otherwise you are safe: you prepared yourself for the roughest thing to happen.

      then they werent a friend to begin with

      ive had a friend ive told they grown to it cause there my friend and the help me out when i need it now.

      Its the cold hard truth if they cant just accept it as your hobby they were they really a friend to begin with? if they are your friend and cant accept they then they should just ignore it.
      One way in to Kig no way out :P
      Tell them it's fine, you're just using duct tape and when you're doing the wash it means you're not using much bleach. Remind them it's just you in your room and to be on the safe side..... yes, you will be using protection.....;>.........
      Keep this in mind, in Hell the manager's name is Karen....'>......

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      Usually the reaction when I show a friend kig masks is one of "what is this?" They tend to have zero clue about it. Their first thought is something like drag queens or female maskers. However, because my character (or characters) are male, that line of questioning goes out the window.

      When I mention that it is arguably one of the hardest ways to perform because unlike pantomime, there isn't even facial expressions or skin tones to go on, so a kig performer has to make virtually every gesture count during a time interval. For example, when camming, kigs do more hand/body gestures in a minutes's time than I see most renaissance faire performers do in a day's worth of work, since they can rely on vocal cues, with perhaps 1-2 gestures for their act.

      If someone I know has too much against it, it is their loss.
      I am new here and the thought of how to tell friends/family crosses my mind regulary.
      I still have problems even considering telling my friends, i'm pretty sure most of them would not really care, but i don't know how they would handle the information, i'm guessing they would not really think of it much and tell it around for fun.
      My family would probably not give a shit, they are usually understanding enough.
      When i told my sister that i wanted to talk to her about stuff i like thats not really normal, her guess was that i was necrophile (dead people sex addict) which is MUCH weirder than kigurumi. So i got her on my side probably (still haven't told her really tho, just that i'm into some sort of cosplay).

      I guess i'm thinking too much into it and got to tell them sometimes.
      Never thinking to much about something. It just do block yourself and can be negative effect you. Just do enjoy your hobby or however you like to do and stay for it. Be strong for youself/hobby and show confidence to youself and people around you (friends/family/work people/stresst/public. If you be confident youself and stay for this, you want to be/to do you show different atmosphere and perspective to people and they also maybe will see positive about, because the way how you be and how you do present yourself to other/world is how other/world will reflect to you back.
      Happy halloween!
      My parents are actually helping me save up for my Kig but it was hard to come and tell them about this finally. It's a good thing that my Parents like Anime and Video Games too. You gotta be confident in yourself I believe is key.
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