Painted Kigurumi Animegao Mask Shell FOR SALE

      Painted Kigurumi Animegao Mask Shell FOR SALE

      I am selling a Kigurumi mask shell that I bought but have have never used, for $500 USD. It still needs to be padded on the inside, and there's some hot glue and wig fibers(which can be removed if you heat it up and peel it off, or easily covered up by another wig) still left on it from the wig it used to have. But other than that it is in perfect condition, it is already all painted up, you can easily swap out the eyes for another color or style, and you can choose whether the character you want to make it into can be male or female(this mask was originally going to be a male character).

      The measurements for the mask are as followed:
      Wide(from each ear): 13"
      Height(from chin to top of forehead): 11"
      Overall Circumference: 62"

      Shipping and handling within the US is $60, to ensure it can be packed and secured as safe as possible. I will need to get a quote on shipping costs, if you're overseas. If you live in the Central Texas area(near Austin or San Antonio), then a local pick-up can be arranged after a certain amount of the payment is made which you will then have to pay off a certain remainder upon pick-up. Yes, I can take payment plans too, this matter can be discussed further in private.

      I only accept PayPal!

      Bid here. Or send me a private message if you're interested.