My First Kig Shopping List

      My First Kig Shopping List

      Hey, this is sorta another selfish post, where this is where I will keep updates and process as I work through the mountain of things to buy and cash I gotta spend. I think I makes it easier if I make a shopping list from scratch. So that I can list off the thing that I need to buy and expect to by. To make this a little more accessible for new people who might look back on this, I will not include shipping. Keep in mind though that some places are not in US or where you are from. I will spend most of my time looking for either US seller to keep the shipping cost down. I will also add links as I go along when I find something I like. It may NSFW (Not safe for work) considering that there will be links to panties and such. We all know how much of a pain international shipping can cost and the time it will take. If I am missing anything. These are all tips that I have gathered from this site. Please don't be afraid to tell me if I am missing anything. ✔

      General Items
      These will be items that will go under the clothes, suit and work with nearly every kig. You may not have to buy any of these items. For example, if you already have boobs there is no real point in getting breast forms. If you have the hips then you may not need padding. Also for those who may not have the space to make any if the item. For ease, the list will feet up.

      Question to Consider: Latex or Foam? ( I have a feeling I am missing a lot in this section. This is the place I know the least about. The costume section is a close tie it though.)

      Padded Panties (I have no butt. So this is one solution I think might work out for me. I am not sure if it hides the little man down stairs. If not, I need advice for what kinda tools I can use. )

      Thigh Paddings (With having no but, I am also flat on the sides and everywhere. It's just more to work with.)

      Update 10/4/15: I do not have the space, tools or even the privacy to work on the padding. I am looking into buying some. What can you say about these? Will this work?

      Breast Forms (No boobs means I am going to need to get some. )


      Waist Chincher

      Body Shapers

      Costume Items
      These are items specific to the character and I feel should be bought last, so that your option remain open. Some have a character that they are dead set on and that is ok too. I just tend to have the "Oh! Something Shiny!" mentality. Roslaina is the goal but that may change. It is highly suggested getting every piece at least a month or so before con. That will give ample time to make adjustments needed. It's too stressful to count to days when something is suppose to be in rather than having it in early.

      Question to Consider: Why do I like this character's look and am I ok if someone asks me to take a picture or seeing it in the environment I intend to dress up in? How do I want people to interact with me?

      Skin Suit (The reason this is here is because sometimes characters have different skin tones and it would suck if you go the mask and its just enough off that it does not match. A new skin suit could set you back $180 last I checked. If you can get them at the same time then that is ideal.)
      This site seemed like by best bed for a a skin suit. Considering that I saw a site charge 700 for one that looked alight. At the time of the post it was about 7000 NTW, So about 216 USD. That includes an international shipping for the suit that has the boob deign.)
      Mask (The huge part of costume, it is certainly the most it is the most expansive. I had it pointed out to me that most skin suits are around the same shades of color.)

      Bra/ Undies (I put this here because chances are that its going to be on the outside of the suit? I am not really sure but it is a little detail that goes well with the costume. Sometimes a strap might show for it might be though the clothes but what girl doesn't wear a bra in public.)

      Cosplay Clothes (I recommend getting the costume after getting the skin suit. they way you get a feel of how it will drape and wear comparatively. If possible have two ready if you are going more then one day. I will add a subgroup for this.)

      Shoes/Boots (This get often overlooked because it's not the most glamorous part. Also a bit pricy but it really sells the costume. You might want to give yourself some time in those shoes before committing to them in the con. That doesn't mean you have to walk a mile in them but just wear them around the house. It give you a chance to break them in and if you can't wear them for 20 minutes imagine all day in them. )

      Miscellaneous Items
      These are items that I could not quite place into the right section or felt that it was kinda meh. A lot of times these are general items that are not critical to costume themselves or Kig setup.

      Question To Consider: Am I carrying too much? Should I carry less? Should I carry more? Are there any medication or notes I should leave on my person in case of an emergency. Should I have something to protect myself?

      Purse (Great stylish accessory to go with your cosplay. Don't Be afraid to accessorise. A messenger bag or a backpack works too.)
      Water Bottle (Hydration is important, but to avoid the condensation getting into the suit or clothes go with room temperature water or wear gloves.)
      Snack (Something clean, does not stain and quick. Maybe Granola)
      Disposable Gloves (For those bathroom trips, eating food, touching merchandise/a paint heavy cosplayers/prints)
      Pen/Paper (For communication, but I guess you could use your phone too. )
      Phone Charger/ Battery Pack (Nothing is worse than not being able to communicate and not being able to call for help. Even a cheap charger can save a phone for at least one call.)
      Money Clip w/ ID. Cash and Cards (I suggest this over a wallet only because its a lot smaller. For just cash and a few cards it's nice and compact. If you are buying things in costume then I recommend the opposite and get a wide wallet if you want to be more in character. You always want a little bit of money on you. In case you get thirsty, and hungry enough to pay those con prices. Also if you need to take a taxi or something catches your eye and you need it now. )
      Gel Insoles (Don't knock them until you try them. They can save feet.)
      Pepper Spray (This is for more of those who have to take that long walk back to the care in the middle of the night. With limited vision. lowlights, passing lowly populated areas. It is better to be a little safe than sorry.)
      Medication (I have allergies so even having one pill on hand to handle the sniffles is great. Less time in the hotel the better. For more serious cases always keep some on hand.)
      Napkins (Personally I like napkins better then tissues. They don't have all that dust or muss to handle. Also they are free. Just grab a fist full at McDonadls or starbucks just in case you really need to blow your nose or quickly soak up a spill.)

      (sorry for the weird post but It helps to have things organized in a list for me. If or when I mange to get everything this will be a shopping list of where I got them and the experience I had getting them.)

      Update 10/10/2015
      It is no closely held secret that this is a very expensive. Its best to have a budget to keep me on track when trying to pay for everything. It's not like this stuff falls from the sky. I figure a budget of $1000 for everything but the cosplay clothes and miscellaneous Items seems fair. I know the prices for that can fluctuate and the DIY approach will lead to a more dramatic drop in prices. I will also post the prices I pay for things at the time I get them, just in case I mange to snag a really good sale or get lucky on cybermonday.

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      That's a great list! Especially the part with the "miscellaneous items" is a very helpful one (at least for me).

      In terms of the "general items" you might want to add a corset, waist chincher and body shapers.
      They are your best friends when it comes to achieve that hourglass shaped body, that most of us are aiming for. ^^
      Been trying to get a good handle on some things here myself. DIY padding tends to be recommended by anyone I've spoken to.
      Self Quote: "I firmly believe that we are all capable of making it in this world regardless of our individual situations. Even when it seems impossible."
      Nice list! Thank you for the miscellanous items' list, I haven't thought about them :whistling: There is a lot of wise common sense here.

      Like you, I've made the same kind of list when I decided to fully commit to Kig <3 it helps me to focus on things to do one at a time, in good order, to better avoid any costy mistake.

      What could be a nice addition to this list would be a chronological projection of spending, to help with the high budget of the venture. I have set my goal to be ready - full kig and costume - for feb 2017, which give me a full year to spread the spending - doing so makes it look more manageable. Aww, look a myself, I sound like a CEO :thumbup:

      I wish you good luck and spirit as you complete your journey! :thumbsup:
      <3 Doing my best to be a Kig soon! <3

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