((SOLD)) Saya (Highschool of the dead) Kigurumi Cosplay

      ((SOLD)) Saya (Highschool of the dead) Kigurumi Cosplay


      I followed the advice of Cici and decided to give this a try.

      no, I am not a difficult seller. I paid about $1,000 each per Kigurumi cosplay, but only asking half of that.My male cosplay sold to a polite fellow in the UKwithout a problem.

      Saya seems to be a different story as not many understand the value of a complete Kig. everyone has been trying to get it down to 200-300, and that's just not possible. Already willing to make a 50% loss on my end so it can go to a good home.

      Only worn about twice- just not much of a Kig market here in the US and occupied with my new business. the skin suit actually fits anywhere probably in the 5'4'' to 5'6'' range. Fits a petite as far as the shirt and skirt are concerned.

      now, I had a potential buyer and they wanted custome eyes- which I did make, but they ended up playing around with the price and I didn't appreciate it after all that effort. I will include both eyes for Saya, and the blue eyes for the Secret Princess character.

      Im only asking $500 plus shipping. Checking with priority mail, shipping to places like the UK and Germany seem to be just around $70. If you're closer, then it's cheaper. Not trying to rip anyone off- I use the usps estimator to get my prices on shipping. PayPal is the preferred method of payment, and the easiest.
      Would like to see this go to a good home.

      The glasses were made of a cheap wood and glue- will not be included as they resemble none of Saya's glasses at

      in all, you get skin suit, skirt, shirt, Kig mask, and extra eyes for the Secret Princess character.

      email is [email protected] if interested. Thanks so much!
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      What size head does she fit(interior and exterior dimensions)? I have a skinsuit already and I doubt the costume will fit me as I am about 5'11" 210...but she is an adorable character and I am considering her as $500 isn't outrageous for a head of one of these(though i will have to think about it)
      Outside circumference of fiberglass mask is 27", and can fit adult head about 23" circumference.
      There are foam pads inside the mask, so wearing is easy and comfortable.

      she is a great character and was a hit for two conventions, but haven't been in the convention scene due to a new business, and would like to see her go to a good home :P