150128 fuyutu semi custom

      150128 fuyutu semi custom

      Finally the fuyutu has been tested and can start to ship. The semi custom is based off the fuyu platform but has a sleeker more narrow face. Classic closed mouth expression, she can be adapted to a multitude of charters!!

      151001 cast-2.jpg

      151001 cast-3.jpg

      Her first adaptions were for three totally different character~

      151119- test 2.jpg
      niconico love live~ she is a cruiser style conversion mask not full enclosure but 3/4 slip on

      Hair was fun ^^/ not clip on tails, real pigtails~

      151210 hair dun processed.jpg
      iku (I-19) kancolle (my personal kigurumi)
      iku is the prototype for the series. A fully enclosed kigurumi, she was fitted with keyed locks and a new style padding.

      151112 lock-3.jpg

      Finally we have Platinum which is a fully enclosed kigurumi quadtail with standard mag fasteners and the new style padding.

      pre tailed

      process 1.jpg
      With tails~

      We are very pleased now to be able to offer these semi customs to the open market.
      We do now offer generic fuyu and futyutu masks, both have standard generic eyes to choose from as well as standard styled 60cm long hair in a number of colors. These come standard cruiser style 3/4 slip on styling and our new padding system which is fully adjustable. The generics start at $600 USD plus shipping and handling.

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