Airsoft guns/Props!

      Airsoft guns/Props!

      Everything is more or less functional and is in amazing condition. All of these are very well taken care of. If you are interested please PM me here or on Facebook. (Most likely will get back to you on Facebook easier)

      Tanaka M40A1 w/ Rare woodland stock and PCS Bolt
      G&G Hop Up
      Spartan Doctorine VSR Conversion
      REAPS bucking? Don't remember
      Laylax 6.03 555mm barrel
      4 mags
      Parts gun

      It does need a little fixing due to one of the bolt heads stripping but I got it apart. PCS bolt lost a part of it but it still functions and was like that when I got it.

      $650 shipped

      TM MP5K PDW $180 shipped
      Charging handle lost the spring but doesn't really matter. Mag 100 round Mid cap. Dead 8.4 but will include anyway. Half of fuse cover fell off.

      Elite ARX. Has a super long wire that can be easily replace with a shorter one. It's wired to deans. The gun works just needs a longer motor screw to function properly. $140 shipped. Will throw in a lipo that needs to be rewired

      KJW 1911. It's upgraded. Compression issues fixed, maple 70 bucking, 6.03 TBB, pachymar grips, KP06 long slide and real fiber optics. Comes with two mags. One is missing a fill valve but it's a super easy fix. $180