Music or different audio other than camera noise when camming

      Music or different audio other than camera noise when camming

      Being a Let's Player and Twitch Streamer I figured I'd share one of the ways I get music into my stream.

      First off go to then about halfway down the page is a download for Hi-Fi audio cable grab that one the regular VB Cable makes everything sound grainy

      then after you install it and reboot go to your audio settings on the task bar and change both playback and recording to Hi-Fi Cable (input for playback output for recording)

      next restart or start your favorite music program and hit play if you hear nothing but the recording tab in your sound properties show activity its working, if you want to listen to the audio itself then click Hi-Fi cable output and go to listen to this device and click the checkbox then select your speakers and then hit apply after that you should hear your music

      once done there you can close all the windows flash is smart enough to detect your default device from the get go, but if you need to change back to your mic for what ever reason either click the gear in the corner or right click and open the flash settings and then click the microphone tab and change the settings from there.

      if your on a mac use loopback and everything pretty much works the same linux jackd is your best bet although its been a while sense i set that up but it should work quite the same.

      imgur gallery with pictures of the settings

      Hope this helps

      when im caming i'll be either listening to my music on my pc...if i get tired of that (normally i dont) i'll turn my music on the tv to listen to both are enjoyable for me to listen to while caming with cute kigus
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