Hi everybody

      lwhitehead wrote:

      Hi folks this is my info,

      so Hi
      and like Kigurumi, but here is my problem, I'm flat broke and I'm 6ft 3in Tall, I've got Aspergers,
      I'm 40 years old,
      I'm 20 pounds over weight
      my body is a Dad bod,
      You can't fit that all in a Kigurumi suit,

      Hey, So let's break this down.


      You're flat broke.
      Get a job, rob a bank, win the lottery.

      You're 6ft 3in tall.
      What's the problem with that? You can see over crowds and look down upon people naturally :P
      Can't get shorter, so do what I do. Wear heels! (I'm 6'4)

      You've got Aspergers.
      You aren't alone here. There are a number of members that have the same affliction. I think it's mo re of an advantage.

      You're 40.
      What's the problem with being 40? Next year you'll be 41.

      You're 20 pounds over weight.
      Loose the weight if you must. Not a big deal trust me.

      You're body is a Dad bod
      Workout, walk, swim get active. The best thing is get into kigurumi. Your bod will change.

      You can't fit that all in a Kigurumi suit
      Suits nowadays are made to measure. I don't see a problem here.

      The point is here LW. You aren't alone and you've found a safe haven to discover kigurumi and possibly some insights into yourself. Kigurumi is the window to your inner soul. You just have to look.

      Welcome to the site.
      I had to chime in... You know me lol. Look most mask makers will work with you on a payment plan so money really isn't an issue if your serous. (I'm on a plan) 2. With payment plan in place it will still take time for the build so do yourself a favor... Prepare. Even if its just eating a wee bit better from time to time. (I'm on a diet... big time) 3. Your body can and will be manipulated in ways you never thought possible, do your best to drop some lbs and let undergarments and padding work to your advantage. Look your working with a head that is somewhat over-sized and that is customized to a certain extent to your specifications. The most important thing is to do your best and have fun, don't stress the small stuff. We are all here to help you. We all come in different shapes and sizes but remember to always be true and be happy. Oh and you never ask a Kig their age... I'm 35 and just starting. I have adhd, post traumatic stress disorder, sprinkle in some social anxiety disorder, and a dash of Autism we have a really amazing cocktail of fun.... Did I mention I'm dyslexic? I only sleep about 3-4 hours a night lol anyway point is anyone can enjoy this fantastic outlet, no one will judge you if they do I'll break their legs lol jk jk ^^

      I kinda opened up on that one.

      xoxoxoxoxoxox always
      i started out as a round football 250lbs wasnt happy with myself...but a little motivation from a lot of wonderful kigus and friends i managed to get myself down to 175lbs kigurumi is a big inspiration to me if you ever need inspiration this site has A LOT of it.. <3
      "Think, you humans who are split into two worlds, unless you want the gulf between humans to expand into oblivion, you must think!"
      The path forks and you can either take the biometric essentialist road to hell or you can study the craft, build the discipline and let the spirit enter you, for the path of light is in your heart as much as your mind and your mind is your most formidable enemy.......

      Biometrics is a brutal lord and will have you dead, literally and figuratively. I'd like to leave this alone, but I'm seeing certain trends in the TG community and they're very, very worrisome. The Community Spirit that once defined the LGBT experience now looks like a row of cells along the long Green Mile to the execution chamber, because....... y'know..... look above. Too old, too tall, too masculine. Defined out of life's cherished experiences never to know them. Most women now alive on this planet will never know them either, but that's never recognised.........

      Don't look at yourself, look at your craft. Make adjustments as necessary. Good sculptors examine a block of marble to see what may be inside, then try to realise what they see. They don't decide to 'make' a subject, they see a suggestion in the material and let that suggestion participate in the sculpting. The next thing is being part of community; shared techniques, tools, trade secrets and folkways. Personal innovation and creativity are welcome, too. A certain peace of mind comes when you finally accept that it's hopeless, but then maybe you were meant to become that dragon after all.....;).........
      Keep this in mind, in Hell the manager's name is Karen....'>......

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      I would like to echo what everyone said. I dont think we all look this good out of costume but we are here to help you be the kig you want to be, If you need help with nutrition, just hit me up i'm friendly and also have been battling with overcoming a very negative self image. WELCOME!!! *HUGGS*