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      looks good! now for the fun part!

      The dreaded prep for paint stage :P
      Always remember to just take another 4 minutes on that troubled spot. (that one) you'll know the one when you find it.
      Rough in all the cuts and holes first. Chase all the random fiber inside before you continue getting then stick in your fingers.
      Try and find compatible paint products, ( I know this step sucks ). Every purveyor will tell you their products are. ( Make them prove it ).

      And finally, never rush. There's always time. The finish if the most important part and takes the least amount of time!
      thanks as aways! ^w^
      Well I'm still very slow here , still filling the holes here and there , here how it is now:

      I'm thinking, since the shell used as mold aren't going to be used, but is .. hmm .. a shell? I could use this to make one of the characters already, right? Gonna be like I did with HIkari, I just need to give hist better ears and some more care, so one can be Wataru an the other Daigo, just need to add more details like for the forehead and maybe the chin, this is what what panned actually.
      What do you think? any idea?
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      Time for another update!
      Does this looks right?

      side view

      3D referece:

      Also wataru:

      This is all for now..
      About the hairs, for Daigo, I'm thinking about doing that idea of pepakura + foam (foamcraft? XD) and them cover it, so it gonna get a nice shape but I have no idea how to scale it ...
      Actually the printed model for the head was a bit bigger than what I scalled in the program :V

      (I would like to do the same with Wataru but he don't have oficial 3D models for now .. and I havem't looked for a fanmade yet XD)

      I hope I can start Shirona soon.
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      Ok I think I have to update here xD
      ok where I was ...
      I cut out the eyes and made the lips ... I think was in this order!
      First was Daigo

      kinda looks funny like this ...

      zoom in XD


      And now, Wataru:

      This time the lips looked strange , I wanted to give a bit of his "serious smirk" but don't lookedvery good
      So, I tried again

      V2! Better, I think ...

      (I hope it was the right)Primer time!

      What a huge amouth of defects I found in both ... some bumps and " holes", eyes not really in the right size or aligment (and my bro joked that they looks like aliens :v )
      Also MTOF don't liked thes elips for wataru so I worked on them again

      Better? o3o

      a closer look...

      all the other defects worked, sanded, filled, sanded, primer...ed? , sanded again and now I have this:

      This two now need to be painted and I don't have much idea where I can find around here any with a good colour that would not differ much from the hadatai we still have to get ...
      We are so close but still so far !!
      ( ^w^)/ hey~