Project Champions

      Project Champions

      Me and MTOF-Rin decided to make a Kigurumi double, and we saw a friend showing interest on Kigu, so we called that friend and now we are a trio!
      And the charater are ~pan pan pan ~ Pokémon league champions!

      (Idk who made this art, but you have to know you are awesome! 8) )

      Actual artworks for references

      Shirona (me), Wataru (Rin) and Daigo (our friend)
      I'm in care of making the heads so getting started! It's on the very start yet.
      The plan is doing like in Rinrin's tutorial, so I've got Daigos's model from ORAS games and changed it a bit to be a better pepakura model.
      Looking like this for now

      The one above is Daigo's model,few changes to have less faces and be a kigu head for the guys, below have few changes to be used for Shirona... not much at all, I tried ti make the nose a bit thinner and the face rounder, smalller ears...
      And it's all I have for now xD

      My friends gonna look for the costume and stuffs, I'm kinda worried about other details, but one step each time, right?
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      LunaKig wrote:

      I can't wait for the final product to come out!!! I've always been a great fan of Pokémon, im hoping the final product will be good. The hypest im waiting for is Cynthia (shirona) because she Was my first champion on my Pokémon adventures.

      I played red when it came out. I remember beating Gary. I chose Venasaur, which means he used Charizard. The battle came down to struggle and I won cause I had more potions XD
      need to keep my updated here XD
      I may be slow like a yadon/slowpoke but never stuck like a tree inn your way.
      I printed the pieces and already assembled, the model for Daigo (and Wataru)

      Already assembled but forgot the photo , I'm using resin inside to make it firm and almost killed my self and the neighbohood :v and need to do another layers because some cracks happened so maybe I archive it this time..oh my XD
      It good firm already, maybe I don't really need?
      Anyway ...
      I had some test to get a good head-sholders proportion hand I think it gonna be about this, maybe the head a bit larger:

      Her head are about 2 cm larger and taller than his .
      I'm still not sure about Shirona's model yet, not changed more from the last screenshot
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      I'm using a "acrylic putty"(not sure how it should be called in english :x) here, this is easier to hand sanding but also cracks very easily if I do much layers or bend it a bit so it's not a good idea to have it as a final result but I hope it give me a nice mold o3o

      now is the time to sand and fill these persistent small holes!
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      I have more progress to report but I'm not in home and with problems to upload the pics in my phone. ..
      In short, I have finished the main smoothing (not thaaat good, but good enough, I thing o3o), attached the ears and worked on a better shape there with a nice clay that don'd dry (have to find the english name for this ), but one is to finish yet and I would like some opinion about the details. .. but I need to show it better first.
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

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      ok the update XD not that many from the last post but with photos!
      note that it not smooth how it looks on the photos, they got a bit blurry and stuff ...
      Let's go!
      the Head with the ears glued there

      Here one ear close up

      Remodel up it with ... plasticine? Oil clay? How it's called in English? these clay that doesn't dry up ...
      may looks smooth but I could not smooth it as I wished :/ never used this clay before .x.
      Are the details like this ok?

      The back I made have more space behind so since it gonna be only one mold, it have to get out the mold...right?
      as you can see here, I haven't smooth the part where the hair gonna cover, you can call me lazy but it's material economy! xD

      And here the full head with both ears...
      The read itself isn't that smooth , but now I can't think on sand or I gonna ruin the ears ... or I take them out and have to make over again :v maybe I can add clay over the small defects? But I cant make it look smooth where the ears starts so I don't know hmmm
      Should I add lips now, before casting, too? This gonna be the base for both Daigo and Wataru, so doing it latter sound nice to not look the same, but I kinda fear it falling over in the final product :v
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      Renko wrote:

      This is literally the most awesome project ever :3
      I also didn't know that the Champs had different names compared to the german version lol :D
      So you'd be Cynthia to me <3

      Yeah, most names in the west are different from the original names from the Japanese version XD
      Takami prefers the original Japanese names, but for everyone else that doesn't know:
      Wataru = Lance (EN)/Siegfried (DE), Daigo = Steven (EN)/Troy (DE), Shirona = Cynthia (EN/DE)
      MTOF/Rin Kigu
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      I haven't update here but I got some progress! let me tell everything
      so I started casting it with silicone

      some layers and these stuff to make it hold on the gesso form latter ... I forgot the name

      I haven't find the "thickening agent" cici showed so I tried like this and did like 5 layers? I had some problem with the amount of catalyst thing and wasted some of it :/

      Then the gesso form t hold it , I did the " walls " with earth clay and it was hard to make it hold there, but using the bandages was very nice actually, just wasn't nicer because I had to make it in a hurry on few freetimes :x

      I've made in 4 parts but maybe only 2 would be enough ?

      Getting the silicone out of the mold gave me some problems... the ears where on the way, I tried to be careful but it when finished it was with a large tear from the chin to the nose and some small others.
      So if you gonna do with the ears, make it in a different way :x

      so dirty :v
      But I could "fix" it with some more silicone, just got some imperfection inside...
      Other problem is that the silicone was too thing and don't really hold on the form ... I tried to cut the back of the head and made it separate , so it's like a half mask and I can make hold a bit on the gesso form with some clothespins and tried to do with that I got here ...

      And this is the final result

      Aprill fools xD (of couse , just this part :v)

      Well, soon I get photos missing from the " parts", but doing the resin + fiber part ... one layers is actually done, just need to make the back of the head I have made there together, maybe one layers is enough or I should do more ?
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      Also I've forgot to tell that I wanted to already make the pattern with the Shirona's 3D model I've got from the game but my mouse scroll's click aren't working well and it's a pain to try working with it :vI can show how much are different from daigo's latter XD

      cici wrote:

      Pretty close!

      That's going to be an awesome build!!!!!!

      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      more updates...
      A bit about my gesso shell for holding the silicone mould ...

      I have glued together and made two parts, cut a bit of the back of the head so I could try to work with that not-good silicone mold(that I also had to cut ), I could do something like this but could not put hold the back part part and unite them again.
      I had more problems there but since it not worked well, I don't think it's useful to explain more, since gonna help no one...

      The result was that :

      The back part there since I could not put together whit the mould xp
      This photo is bad but there are some small defects more than the expected from the "fix" I had to do on the part that teared, some small defects and some "smashed" parts but these are Minor, I think I can fix without much problem...

      Here by side the color is strange because I used two different colours of resin since the first finished and I got another that was different :v
      Now I have to sand these dangerous excess of fiber and find a way to make a nice back for this head, details like the lips and all the rest... that I'm not much sure how to ...Any suggestion ?
      ( ^w^)/ hey~