How big is kig is in your life?

      How big is kig is in your life?

      Not really much to add. Just became curious as to how much your life revolves around Kigurumi.
      Perhaps you only have a passing interest in it. Perhaps you've taken a step forward and have started to plan and/or collect funding so you can start. Perhaps you're a fully fledged kig and possibly go to cons and other activities, maybe often. Perhaps your job involves kig in some way, shape or form.

      How important is it to you?
      Simply a passing interest? One of several hobbies? your primary interest? perhaps its your passion?
      Is this something you'd like to do/plan to do for a lifetime or something you want/plan to spend only a few months/years doing?
      I'd have to say pretty big in the last 12 months since I finally committed to the idea of getting a mask and began seriosuly working towards it :)

      Although it's kind of hard to say as it sort of co-exists with my other hobbies and interests like anime, photography, Photoshop etc. - I'd probably do these things anyway, but now I do them with a very kigurumi orientated slant.

      Having said I also have another set of 'non kig' friends and interests (who know nothing about my Kig stuff) so I don't dedicate all my time to it.
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      Can say this....when i started kig...i was 255 pounds.....when i was in the process of my second kig...i lost over 70 pounds in weight all for looking better feeling better in kig...and the results show when looking at photos of myself or here....kig is a big part of my life..
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      It's now one of my biggest hobbies. I keep expanding it in scope.
      I started with my first mask and a few outfits, did a few cam sessions, started taking pictures, and now I even have my own Twitch channel dedicated to Kigurumi. (

      Conventions are a blast, the experience is one of a kind. It all only makes me want to do more!
      So if you have a passion for this, go for it! I don't regret the time or money I spent at all, every bit was worth it.
      Thank you all most kindly for sharing, looking back it was a rather personal question so my apologies for that.

      And my utmost congratulations Claire. Whilst I'm the opposite end of the spectrum myself and can't really speak from a personal perspective, I can at least imagine it wasn't easy.

      But of course if anyone else wants to share, I am all ears.
      Yeah, kigurumi is my biggest hobby now, and I think I will do it for a long time! In the junior high dchool, I was first see the kigurumi performance. It just like a new world! And it's also change my daily life. I try to learn the photography skills and try to make my pose and action become more likely to the original character in the animation. I want to become prefect, not only in kigurumi world, but also in the real world.
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      Right now, I am going through some trying times. The job I quit recently (as of today) is way behind on payroll.

      Seeing the kigurumi pictures on my FB feed are eye candy... it brightens up my day seeing people doing things. Maybe it is the mysterious-ness of it... who knows who the player is. Maybe it is the shift of proportions. Maybe it is just the fantasy aspect of interacting with someone in some way other than verbal. Maybe it is having the mask on, seeing someone that you recognize, and knowing that they will never know it is you.