HAIR and Stuff, Basic Hair Styling (Thanks cici) ;)

      I'll put together a basic hair styling thread right here~

      Tools Needed for Basic Hair Styling

      From left to right.
      1. Bamboo brush, recommended from synthetic fiber wigs, (Not to use for extremely tangled hair)
      2. Fine tooth comb. I use these for styling and basic straightening while and after introducing product.
      3. Course tooth comb. Same function as the above.
      4. Michel Mercler detangling brush (This is for those really bad hair days) Sold on Amazon as well as other sites.

      Here's a trick I learned from a stylist. Take one of your combs and remove the two of the comb's teeth at it's end.

      You've just created a very handy tool for styling. Now you'll be able to grab parts of hair that you want somewhere else.

      These are some other tools you will need for styling.
      1. ​Alligator hair clips. (beauty supply or online) These actually work better than an other clip I've found so far for holding hair you want to keep out of the way while styling.
      2. A decent pair of barber's scissors. These aren't inexpensive however, they are worth their weight in gold when yo heed to trim bangs and remove fly away portions of the style.
      3. Heavy crafting scissors. Used for cutting section of wig backing. They are strong enough to trim, slice and or remove portions of the wig's backing, (advanced styling)
      4. Straight razor. Used for trimming tails, bangs and other parts of the hair style. They do what scissors can't do. I use them for blending.

      Plastic wrap. This is used to protect the face of your mask. It is resistant to the products listed. Buy some or steal it out of your mom's kitchen! (grocery store, Walmart, Costco, amazon)

      Tape Yes I use various types of masking tapes. Read the product information BEFORE you apply if to your mask. You will want to use a "low tac" type tape. It is used to hold the plactic wrap in place while styling the wig.

      Lighting stand and foam head. I have a special stand I only use for styling. This is heavier than normal stands so the kig doesn't move around. I use a full size wig form ( I suggest the "male" type because of their size. I also lack the mask in place using foam scraps. When styling you want the mask to stay in place and not move useless you intentionally move it.


      From left to right
      1. got 2b glued "freeze spray" This is the go to product for fixing hair where you want it to stay put! It is what is used be cosplay wig stylists around the world. I recommend buying this hairspray. (beauty supply or amazon)
      2. got 2b glued "spiking gel" This is used as a gluing agent for tips. Use it sparingly as it will discolor you wig if over used. (tips only) (beauty supply or amazon)
      3. mane 'n tail This is your goto product for detangling hair. Use it when brushing out your hair. It lubricates the fibers just enough to allow the brush to detangle the hair. I use this product for brushing out tails. Use it sparingly as well. It will buildup causing your wig's fibers to clomp together so you don't have that fresh wig look. Still it is a great product. (beauty supplu, amazon)

      These are a few of my tools I use for styling wigs. If you buy just what I've listing above, you'll have an ample tool box to maintain your wigs.

      More to come!