Meanwhile, somewhere in a telephone booth!

      Meanwhile, somewhere in a telephone booth!

      So I just got a base line GKo hada so I could figure out padding and get used to the fabric. After realising I lost about a third of my dexterity while wearing it I decided to try playing some vidya. After about an hour, I took off the hada, and had impressions of the seams all over my hands and arms.

      Now that in itself isn't a problem but I am pretty fair skinned and they were pretty obvious. I worry that some smart cookie at a con might take notice or something after a few hours of wear. Probably not.

      How do you guys change in and out of costume while attending cons, and what sort of super man stuff have you pulled off.
      Hey, as far as the visible seams go?? That's something you'll have to deal with in your head; (nobody really will be looking). As far as losing dexterity, practice makes all the difference in the world. Another pair of hands is always very helpful!

      Now, where to get in at cons?? Handicap stalls work "eehh" well... They do work though being a total PITA to use. See if where the con locate a "gender neutral" bathrooms. These are usually bigger and a locking door to the outside. This in itself is nice simply because you are straddling a toilet in a stall to get in.

      If you roll with kigs like I do, you'll have a hotel room that makes all the above a mute point. Just go with your comfort level Greilyn. It ain't rocket science but it can get complicated at times :P

      Greilyn wrote:

      How do you guys change in and out of costume while attending cons,

      Simple answer, I don't.

      Otherwise can't say I ever noticed any dexterity change when wearing a hadatai, just feels like a second skin to me, quite cozy.
      The lines it leaves all over your body are no big deal, they go away eventually.

      If you think its tough now wait till you have your head on, limited vision and perception! Fun Stuff!
      Getting a Zentai/Hadata to get used to wearing one and work out stuff like body-shape etc. is a good idea (it's exactly what I did :) ) and things like your dexterity will improve the more you practice.

      I also shouldn't worry about the lines the suit leaves there are loads of costumes which use a Zentai as a base - Spiderman, Deadpool etc. so no one at a Con is going to think anything of it even if they did notice.
      She's on the Stuff. She's in the Gunfight. Keep Smiling :D
      One of the reasons I've been looking at a campervan (specifically the Winnebago Travato) is exactly for this. I can put the hadatai, mask, and other clothing on, and have easy access to a bathroom, and kitchen almost anywhere there is surface parking. This will make longer runs in kig more bearable, especially because multiple hadatai suits can be stashed away. This way, if I'm doing multiple days in kig, I always have clean clothing each day ready to go, and I always have a bathroom available.
      I went to a con locally, but I obviously couldn't stay in kig for the hour drive (since I was driving). I walked in and I had my kig head packed in a box, and I had my handler, and a bag with everything I needed. Once I was checked in, I asked them where I would be able to find a gender neutral bathroom. It was such an effortless experience. Once I had everything I needed out of my box and bag, my handler took them back to the car so he wouldn't have to carry them around while I dolled myself up. By the time my handler got back I was ready to go and I left the gender neutral bathroom. (The bathroom even had a counter top! HOW CONVENIENT!) By the end of the day I was feeling super confident and was able to make my way back on my own and I can say although I would prefer to have a hotel room at the convention center, it is not 100% necessary if you're local.