Comic book store shoot!

      I thought that my 300th post should be on a relevant ( to me ) topic. Thank you Rosie for providing me the ideal opportunity.

      I want to congratulate you for getting out and enjoying your hobby! Too often we are held back by the harsh criticisms of the world wide community, both from the Anime community, and from the other performers. They, who only see Kigurumi as being cute, petite girls, who match an unrealistic Japanese ideal of what an anime character is, or impossibly high standards of cosplay. I know that there will be a lot of "haters" out there, who will give you, and others like myself, grief over not fitting the esthetic. Being too tall, being, too fat, being too awkward, not being cute enough, not having impeccable outfits, are not crimes.

      Many fear the ridicule that comes from getting out there, and performing. That fear is holding them back from the enjoyment we get from bringing this art form to an audience. You chose to confront the real world, with real people. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

      You are an inspiration to others, who in similar situations, can only wish they had the guts to do what you did. You also inspire me, as of late I have been devoting myself to more culturally acceptable characters where my body mass is not an issue. Thank you for reminding me that I need to face the criticism, and be who I want to be.

      Keep on performing and sharing your adventures with others.

      Miss Kiki