How do I measure for a corset?

      How do I measure for a corset?

      Another question I get asked is how to measure for a corset. This seems like an easy question to answer but, it really isn't that simple.

      How to Determine the Right Size:

      Measuring your body for a corset is the same as measuring for a bra, the wrong measurements will be uncomfortable or create bulge no matter how you try and make it work so measure properly; don’t guess and be honest! An off the peg corset is designed to reduce your waist size by 4-5”. If you’re looking for more of a reduction you need to start waist training which takes time as its a permanent waist reduction.

      You will need:
      • One fabric tape measure (downloadable from any product page if you don't have one to hand)
      • A straight back
      • Full length mirror
      1. Stand straight, no holding your tummy in – We want you au-natural darling! The tape should be snug – not tight enough to cause any bulging of your fleshy bits and not loose enough to slip a finger behind. Snug.
      2. Wrap the tape around your waist (the smallest part of your torso; below your ribs and above your hips).

      Alternatively ask a good friend to help or ask at a good tailors or wedding dress shop.

      Now you have your number, we suggest you buy a corset with a 4-5'' reduction, so lets say you have a 28'' waist, you will need to order a 24'' corset, if you measure a 29'' waist we will still suggest a 24'' corset.

      For most users here you will need to order a corset to fit a longer longer torso. I personally use overbust corsets simply because they fit my torso better. I always select overbust units based on their closure count on the front busk. the longer busks will have seven (7) closures instead of the customary six (6). The advantage to using the longer units are the ease of wearing and the gentle more natural curve that is achieved. (You wear this under the hadatai and forms) This is for shaping not for show. You can also wear the same style over the cosplay as an accessory. For this remember the bust size need to be reduced or you will spill over.
      These tips served me very well for my first-ever corset purchase. The overbust is truly super comfortable. I thankfully followed the advice to go with seven closures instead of six closures and would recommend the same for anyone else my height (74"/188cm). Baby steps for this beginner...