Legit or Scam? Legit or Scam?

      So what happened was recently I was ordering 2 inflatable costumes since my halloween project didn't fall though. While I was browsing the website and I'm usually on skeptical side when it comes to browsing stuff for sale

      So I got curious and typed in Kigurumi and saw masks for sale. So just curious, is it legit or stolen designs?
      This is actually a really great thread to have started! What we have found with the masks off Aliexpress is that they are mostly as MTOF mentioned above. "half masks" There nothing wrong with that, in fact most masks produced in the world today are half or maybe 5/8 masks. Of course I'm talking about the actual hard part of the mask itself. Most of these masks are added onto to give the illusion of being full masks and most kigurumi players have never seen what a full and not full mask is so...

      Getting back to the masks in question. The sellers on Aliexpress are accurate if you read every single description on the page that is selling these masks. Some are legitimate and some aren't. We have purchased some and can tell these masks are small (asians are small) but can fir the bell if your build is slight. The craftsmanship is what you'd expect for a quickly produced mask and most are without hair. But for the price they really aren't that bad.

      Scam. Those Chinese sellers will steal someone else's mask picture, then sell you horrible quality ripoff of them. I don't think there's documentation of it for kigurumi masks, but lookup Chinese fursuit scams to get the idea.
      Without actual knowledge of this we can start making up bad PR for some good makers in China. This is how rumors are created. If you've never held on in you hands how can you have an opinion?