anime, yes that~ what are you watching right now???

      I’m Currently watching ‘High School Fleet’
      If you can accept the premise of high school girls crewing WWII battleships and destroyers it’s lots of fun and there’s actually a lot more to the story than it first appears (it’s not just cute girls doing cute things or fan service) and the ship combat is nicely done.

      It will also probably feel strangely familiar if you’ve watched ‘Girls Un Panzer’ as it shares some of the same production team and a lot of the same tropes.
      She's on the Stuff. She's in the Gunfight. Keep Smiling :D

      light fanservice, demons, vampires, magic, high school, transfer student

      What more do you need???

      (further into this movie I stand corrected) HEAVY FAN SERVICE!

      cici wrote:


      light fanservice, demons, vampires, magic, high school, transfer student

      What more do you need???…lchemic-girl-732735?t=428

      (further into this movie I stand corrected) HEAVY FAN SERVICE!

      I watched that movie last week.. It has literally 0 story line, it was purely made for the fan service I guess.. But somehow I watched it till the end O.o, maybe I expected some cool action scenes that didn't happen?

      Hmm as for anime I watched this season (Quite a lot compared to what I watched in the previous seasons!)

      - Onihei - It's really, really great, has some amazing episodes. If you have seen Samurai Champloo, you will really enjoy this. The story revolves around Heizou the chief of the Arson Theft Control in the edo period of Japan, and the many stories he experiences. This with amazing samurai flute music, what else do you want?

      - Masamune kun no revenge .. Your typical romance series with 12 episodes and a unsatisfying ending, it was good but it could have been better in so many ways. Is this one of those series I won't remember in a few years?

      - Youjo senki - Okay this loli mc is amazing, quite a few funny scenes and some cool action scenes. It's is a story in the fantasy/war setting with guns and spells, some will like it, some will not :P 7.3/10 .. lol.

      Ao no Exorcist - Kyoto Fujouou-hen - It's actually a sequal to the last series!! From the 1st episode on I was hooked, It doesn't disappoint if you liked the previous series (Maybe series like this have a higher budget than average :P?). I must say the story is really a little too slow this time, with this pace they should have made 24 episodes instead of 12 but meh, I enjoyed it so that's okay!

      - Gabriel dropout - It's kind of a moe comedy, it's quite entertaining but nothing too special, if you like moe go for it tho! :). Oh and I really like the main character Gabriel :P!

      - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Okay this is a comedy series with a bit of slice of life and fantasy mixed in, it's really quite good in what it does. Some amazingly funny moe scenes, ho ho check it out if you are bored :P
      Excuse me for writing too much "lol". Starting from elementary school I often got penalised for writing too much "lol" in my notebooks, that's where it started ^^

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      Saw Your Name @ Century Theatres today. One of the best anime films I watched, right on par of Spirited Away. Now I know why it's the top grossing anime movie in Japan.

      ​Go see Your Name if you can at your local movie theater. :) Upgrade to Cinemark XD if you can also. The art design and sounds were really fantastic.
      Not sure if this thread is still active but I'm currently watching Yu Yu Hakusho and Geobreeders. Don't worry if you can't find the second one because it's incredibly obscure... The man reason why I'm watching them is because my list of anime to watch is a little long at the moment and they've been siting in it for about 3 years due to seasonal anime that looks interesting. What drew me into Yu Yu was the trailers for the box sets that were being released. It just seemed interesting to me. Geobreeders on the other hand was just me getting curious and randomly picking a dvd out of a used bin and I didn't regret it. In terms of plot Yu Yu is about a boy who dies when he gets hit by a truck as he saves a girl. He goes on a bit of a quest to be revived. Geobreeders was meant to bridge the gaps between the Geobreeders manga series. It followed the lives of the workers at Kagura Total Security as they fight electromagnetic ghosts known as Phantom Cats. If you looking for a bit of a laugh from their many exploits it's defetly worth searching for if you can find a copy. Not even sites like kissanime that seem to have everything don't have it due to how obscure it was.