Moving to a kig account on FB?

      Moving to a kig account on FB?

      This won't be for a while now, because of work stuff (or lack thereof.) Once I actually get a suitable kigurumi character, I plan to zap my current Facebook ID, create one under the kig, perhaps have my real name in a hidden field and a real photo of me in an album only that account can access. Rest of the photos would be the kig character.

      Any suggestions on how to go about doing this, and making sure the account doesn't get zucced?
      I would say keep both your fb accounts....cause i got zapped yesterday and luckly got it back cause Facebook has a tendency of zapping kig accounts they feel isnt "real" kinda stinks too when they lock ye out of your cute side XD
      "Think, you humans who are split into two worlds, unless you want the gulf between humans to expand into oblivion, you must think!"
      you know what's really funny about this?
      six years ago I posted a thread on kigcos about this same subject.
      you wouldn't believe to negative replies I received about even thinking of creating an account there :P
      This was the era of msn and yahoo messenger and yahoo groups...
      How so far have we come since then. Even now I read what some post about "the good ol' days"
      There weren't any, communication was cryptic , slow and content very difficult to find....

      Facebook may not be the end all platforms but at least it works for some things..
      I appreciate the input. As an IT person, I keep backups of pretty much everything, so if my account gets zucced, it is a majorly annoying item, but no data gets lost.

      It is strange where FB stuff pops up, which is why it is wise to keep your cards close to your chest. I keep my stuff limited to a subgroup of my friends... but even then, during a job interview, I had someone pull up a screenshot of something I said (which was mainly IT/geek related) and grilled me on it, because their shop was cloud based, and I had a statement questioning moving 100% of everything to the cloud without having a disaster recovery plan.

      Another item where FB stuff came up was when a friend took a picture of me in a humidor. A week later, my health insurance company send me a letter demanding a blood test, or otherwise pay smoker's rates.

      Because of this, I consider it extremely wise to run an account under a kig character.

      It also helps with facial recognition and dropping pictures of people trying to tag you.
      This is to let people know that I got "zuccked" on Facebook. They did two security checks in one day demanding that I identify people from my friend list and I passed both of those. Then last night, they killed my account and demanded that I send them a government issued ID to prove I was the account owner. I sent them a picture of an ID with a picture of me, my name and my date of birth, as they demanded. Today I got a reply that the information did NOT match what was on my account. WHAT THE FUCK! I put the info on the account and the picture I sent had that same information. On top of that, they sent their responses to the email that is listed on my account and I responded. It appears at this point, they just want Jovina gone from FB, and from what I am hearing, they want many other kigs gone as well, and the trolls out there are more than willing to help by pointing to them. So this may be the end of Jovina on FB. I do not intend to put my real name on the account so that thieves can rob my house when I post "I am going to a convention this weekend" or the haters want to come by and "clean up America" or the horndogs want to call me to tell what what "a real man" can do for me.
      I have been thinking about this more and more with every profile that disappears and I do now harbour the stance that my own FB "page" is at risk; has anyone became aware of any incidents concerning "pages" in addition to "personal profiles"?

      It's funny, what we are kindly asking of Facebook is also on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's 2017 wishlist:
      Facebook should stop making itself an arbiter of "authentic names" and allow people to use whatever name they want on their account.

      I take it the primary reason why "personal profiles" are used is for the friending/personal functionality which "pages" don't have?
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      OK, Facebook is being totally fucked. My NEW MUNDANE ACCOUNT has just been shut down for "security checking"! Was it because I mentioned "Jovina" in messages to people I contacted in those two days that it existed? Or is it a case that I am now on their permanently banned list? Who knows! I am just about ready to just tell FB to fuck off completely.
      I know this is a necro thread, but it seems like with the GDPR, I've not seen as many accounts nuked as they used to be. If this is the case, would the best thing be to create a kig account, run it along side my "normie" account and move people there?

      On the other hand, since something kig-related is going on, and so many people on my "normie" side know I kig, so if people find out, it is not an issue whatsoever.

      Is it worth the time to separate out things?