Do you have a dream mask?

      Do you have a dream mask?

      Hiya everyone :)

      I've seen this topic being around since the beginning of forums, so here's the question - Do you have any "dream/holy grail" mask you want?

      In my case, my dream mask is definitely from the creator Ozawa Dango, specifically the monoeye/cyclops style masks :)
      But oh man it's difficult sometimes with international customers, and with the price range from 130.000 to 230.000 yen, it seems a bit out of reach - not to mention to come on a waiting list as well to maybe December 2018, but none than less, I totally adore the design and someday maybe get one of these if it would be possible :)


      Let's reaching for the stars together :D

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      It’s one of those questions that is easier to ask than to answer, if you don’t mind me saying.

      Nevertheless, even though it was Wyu that hooked me in, I was at the outset looking at one of the masters, SIGMA; but as we all know, they and many similar firms don’t serve external territories. I settled on @cici and RTPS because not only I think her design methods would yield the closest resemblance to the original depiction but she has an established name and I wouldn’t mind at all for extra engineering quality.

      Mine is on the workshop’s worktops, and having seen everything up to this point, I have no regrets on the decisions I’ve made since mobilising on it. ^^
      Thanks for the plug @BritKig ,

      I've actually met Ozawa Dango, she is very slight in build very cute too...

      I do have a dream mask and I'll have to wait for the technology to catch up to my dreams. She's a vocaloid, an append to be specific.
      I have a very strong emotional response when seeing her perform on stage too (big plus)

      The dream mask is only part of the dream however. The cosplay as well and since it is constructed from silicone and has color fades in
      parts as well as relief portions I'm looking at a ton of money to complete such a build.

      I will though get her going (one of these days)...

      I hope you've contacted Ozawa Dango about getting a commission started @Pasteldrops. I know she has a queue but as my studio, it just
      keeps getting longer and longer. A year and four months isn't that bad of a wait.