When I started seriously looking into kig, I ran into GKO's site which exists partially on . When I reached that part of his site, I couldn't connect. I chalked it up to a site outage and moved along. Fast forward a few days and I think I was browsing this site when I ran across one of Cici's posts that linked to content also on and guess what, it didn't work either. I thought how strange for a whole sub-domain to have an outage spanning days especially since their other sub-domains are working just fine as far as I can tell. I picked my phone up and tried to get to the site from it instead of my pc, nope.. nothing. I turned off my wifi on my phone and tried again over 4g... Aha! it works. Next I turned my VPN on on my pc and tried, works again. So, has blocked my ip address or my isp is blocking that one sub-domain.

      I need some help with this one if someone could assist. I have Century Link as an isp here in town where I live. They are hands down and objectively the best internet solution in my area so I can't get rid of them. I would like for someone else who has Century Link to test connection to and let me know if it works for them. I'm not in a hurry for this information as it's more of a curiosity than anything. Additionally, and this is mostly rhetorical, why on earth would Century Link block their paying customers from getting to blog type content, assuming that's what's happening.
      Before there was Facebook, VK, Twitter, weeabo and even myspace. fc2 was used by players to chronicle their lives and post images. Back then kigurumi seemed to be more involved in describing and perfecting their artform. fc2 has been used for over a decade by the kigurumi community. I kinda miss the blogs and the commitment to content of those players. When I started in this community I too created an account there as well as on Both still exist but I have also fallen into the instant gratification of the social platforms.
      The other day, I emailed back and forth with tech support and they couldn't find me (my ip address) on a blacklist which led me to believe my ISP was blocking. Well, after being on tech support with century link for a couple hours now, they finally did some troubleshooting and came to the conclusion that is, in fact, blocking all of century link (and they may not even realize it). What may have happened is that's gateway or load balancer may be subscribed to a kind of automatic blacklisting service (like cisco talos) and somehow century link ended up on this list. I'm told that these blacklists are temprary (3 - 14 days) unless whatever caused it in the first place keeps happening.