Walking in public and art-parks, or in the forest, ONE BIG STEP

      Walking in public and art-parks, or in the forest, ONE BIG STEP

      Its very Trilling, to go outside, when you take your big step out your door, you can only go with the feeling ''i can do it'' or ''there i go''.
      When outside, your goals is inter-react with people, how they response(not response). When i was a kig my first outings where, a park, conventions, meetings, and even public streets.
      The first time, is scary. Confidence don't come right away, you go step by step, you need first practice.

      1 see if your costume is child-friendly(people are always in concern) 2 practice in your garden(or if you don't have a garden try practice around your house) 3 look for a decent place to go kiggin(park or a forest) 4 you're ready, make sure take great photo-gears to pose on(mostly selfies-stick, or long stand where your camera or mobile can stand on).

      Back being fear to go outside, its your hobby, and its art, so think like your a statue and the people looking to you are the audience.
      Its a big step to go on your first day. its all about confidence, tell yourself ''i can do this'' have faith.

      Elise <3
      I don't think I can remember the first time I actually Kigged in public for real.

      I had a particularly gradual introduction to the art form. It began trying on a friends Kig mask at a house event, which led to my purchasing my first mask. For the first few outings, I stuck to Anime conventions I already went to in the past. Not really public in the Park or Forest sense, but certainly with a wider audience. Eventually, some of these conventions spilled over into the street, and groups of Kig performers would go walking the neighborhood in search of more pleasant backgrounds to shoot pictures against. By that time I was most comfortable as my alter egos.