Defining the new types of Kigurumi

      Defining the new types of Kigurumi

      Hi All.

      I have been watching the other kigurumi threads and realized that there is a need to quantify the new styles of performing that are cropping up.

      I'd like to propose that a new category be created called Fashion Kigurumi. The definition being, anyone using a more realistic or "Doll " style of Kigurumi mask, in association with a style of fashion.

      Obvious subsets would then be Lolita Kigurumi, Steampunk Kigurumi, Gothic Kigurumi. or just about any other fashion style .

      A different subset would be Doll Kigurumi, where the performer is mimicking a style of doll figurine. This is where Cloe and the other Bratz doll Kigs as well as the Winx club Kigurumi would fall.

      What Luluidoll is doing could be another Fashion Kigurumi Subset, because the bodysuit mimics the Ball Jointed Doll armatures. She would be considered BJD Fashion Kigurumi.

      Looking at the Fashion style Shironuri, I don't think anyone has yet to use a white Kigurumi mask for that, but Shironuri Kigurumi would be another possibility.

      What do all of you think?

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      Hey Scath:

      No you are correct . Animegao usually translates as Anime Face, which covers most Japanese cartoons and Manga. It also covers Super Sentai Kigurumi like power rangers or Kamen Rider and Magical Girl Kigurumi like Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura.

      Now if we stretch that definition a bit, characters like Picallo from Dragon Ball, and some of the Sailor Moon bad guys are similar in design to your ren faire character, but they are Canon in the cartoons, while yours is an original.

      I don't see why we can't coin another definition called Theatrical Kigurumi. The same basics would apply. Full Hadati or Zentai for skin. Full head coverage using recognized materials. Heavy dependency on Mime or Dance. That should be enough to differentiate it from Noh Masks and Kabuki performances. But these would cover performing groups like the Caramella girls, and the other instances where Kigurumi has appeared in music Videos.

      We could also create a subset of Theatrical Kigurumi called Mascot KIgurumi, to cover things like Minerva Mink, Bridgette Mouse, Mario and Princess Peach, as well as Mickey, Mini, and Jessica Rabbit.

      Miss Kiki
      There's cyclops grrl kigurumi, a popular and durable sub genre.......'>........

      You want less cute, say??..........

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      Well, to take your analogy a little further Amari, the roots of Kigurumi were planted in Japan back in the days of the Japanese Monster movies, of Kabuki and Noh theater. They grew and developed over time, were cross pollinated with Genus Americanus Disneyum, to produce the first Genus KIgurumi AnimeGao, about 25 years ago. Through constant nurturing and grafting of various other Japanese styles over the last couple of decades, there's now a variety of Kigurumi Species which can be traced back to those roots. Continued grafting will produce newer species of Genus Kigurumi as time passes.

      Somewhere along the line, the seeds of Kigurumi were imported into North America, where through grafting to other western art forms, many new and different varieties have developed over the last 15-20 years.

      Seedlings have been sent from Japan and continue to flourish around the world in their original form. Many hybrids are being developed through selective breeding and more grafting.