Tips on getting in shape for Kigurumi / What areas to focus on?

      Tips on getting in shape for Kigurumi / What areas to focus on?

      I recently started hitting the gym to get into shape for kigging and I've been wondering;

      What I should focus on? Obviously losing weight in general is important, but If I want those nice feminine curves what areas should I work on and what exercises should I do? Any tips or experience?

      Also are there any important aspects you might not think about? E.g. how relevant are slim arms, and how much can shapewear really do for you?
      Don't quote me on this but as far as I've been told, padding and clothing do most of the work when it comes to getting a feminine figure. So long as you are healthy and not particularly burly then that alone should be enough. Exercise to be slim but don't aim for muscle kinda thing.

      Then again, I've also been told that cycling can give you a nice rear and/or thighs.

      Just the view of someone wholly unqualified so as said before take it with a grain of salt.
      Many many years ago, one of my sensei swore by Jogging. It built up the cardio system, yet did not bulk up chest or arms.

      Body shaping can cover over hips and butts giving them the appropriate curves. Waist cinching can do wonders for your curves, but having taught abs helps.

      There's nothing exercise can do about wide shoulders or manly chests. but proper proportions in the mask and the bust, can disguise a lot.


      scath01 wrote:

      Would martial arts like karate help? I was told that stuff like that built fast-twitch (the lean) muscles, and burned a lot of calories an hour, as well as helped with heat dissipation.

      Right now a healthy diet Scath and low impact walking or swimming. Muscle is heavier than fat :P
      Plus you need to train your brain to eat less. 1200 calories max for now. When I'm in training I do 900 calories, which to be honest SUCKS!!

      Envy_Adams wrote:

      Hydration helps a lot, thirst and hunger come from the same part of the brain. But everything tasty has carbs in it!
      lol to true. I used to say never snack either but snacking can help to, as long as you keep it light. Fruit and veggie or protein is the best. Also anything like soda pop or sugary drinks are bad, very bad, only drink water. If you can only do one thing to lose weight I recommend this. Only drink water and even if you still have carbs you will drop some weight.
      Apparently I was just overthinking things again. I decided on doing 15 mins treadmill, 15 mins on the elliptical, and then as many sit-ups as I can - every day. The sit-ups should also help with burning belly fat, which is my biggest problem.

      In addition to that I started fasting, which will probably get me to my desired body shape in ~2 weeks. Currently on day 3 of 'no food, only water' and it's going pretty well. And no don't worry about me. I'm not starving myself. I've fasted before with great sucess and know what I'm doing. I might make a quick overview of the basics to fasting once I do my personal progression post - maybe get some people interested in it and explain why it's something natural and very healthy.

      cici wrote:

      Plus you need to train your brain to eat less. 1200 calories max for now. When I'm in training I do 900 calories, which to be honest SUCKS!!

      How's 0 calories for intake? :P
      I'm not the fittest of now-kiggers by any measure, but change doesn't necessarily have to be big let alone in the food department.

      For me it's not how or how-quickly you achieve the desired result, its as long as you keep yourself going in the desired direction.

      I used to be a severe sugar-binger in 2008-2010 (as I was going through a severe depression spell at the time), but here are some of the changes I made since:
      • Replace white bread with wholemeal brown, for slightly lower carbs
      • Replace soft-drinks with sugar-free equivalents (if you're like me your mind won't take no for answer after a stressful day)
      • Commute about standing instead of sitting; I commute usually by train and I often just stand right next to the doors (as I only need to travel between two adjacent stations anyways)
      • If it takes 30 minutes or less, walk to work
      As far as my body tells me: less sugar means I will hold on to less of the saturated fat.

      When I moved out of my parents place back in September 2016, I was roughly 105Kg, I know I have shaved off something off that figure, even if not a lot, but at least its heading the right direction; I haven't made much changes myself as to what I eat but, interestingly I have had the odd remark from my work colleagues that my appearance has changed, despite me never bringing the subject up myself.

      If I managed a straight six-hour stint without stopping for a single refreshment break, then at least the changes I've done something that works for my own body, right?

      I hope my experiences might make things look less intimidating.

      Please note that I do (100%) get offended if asked directly or questioned about what I eat, so if you're thinking of asking me, don't.

      Intriguing Awoo wrote:

      How's 0 calories for intake? :P

      I know you're just being sarcastic, but nonetheless, aimed at anyone who is contemplating it, eating nothing at all is bad for the body.

      Intriguing Awoo wrote:

      How's 0 calories for intake? :P

      BritKig wrote:

      I know you're just being sarcastic, but nonetheless, aimed at anyone who is contemplating it, eating nothing at all is bad for the body.

      Under normal circumstances, just eating nothing is not something you can really pull off - You're right. However fasting is more complicated and requires quite a bit of knowledge beforehand, and even if you do it correctly it might not be for you. That said if you can pull it off it's amazing.
      Not having to worry about eating at all, losing a lot of weight and your body cleansing itself from all the junk that's deposited in your fat feels great once you're done.
      Not to mention the benefits afterwards like more sensitive taste and smell, as well as a higher appreciation for food in general.

      Anyway this is kinda getting off-topic. I highly appreciate all the answers though!

      EDIT: Formatting is hard on mobile <_<

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      Okay, this is lzzrd's deep psychological moment (and all this is un-PC as crazy, so bear with me).......

      Humans are a sexually dimorphic species and the net physical consequenses of these, besides greater male upper body strength is that females have a lower centre of gravity..... and are generally smaller and lighter......

      Now as Cecilia and Miss Kiki tells us, there is little that can be done besides keeping BMI low and padding, but there's the psychological projection of female and that's effectively acting as if you are smaller and lighter and have a lower centre of gravity.......

      Notice children.... and women generally are closer to child phenotype than men. Children get up easily and quickly from a crouched or squatting position without using hands or upper body assist to do so. They employ less upper body motion to navigate walking, running, sitting or general activity not related to arm and shoulder employment........

      So work on your squats and being balanced on your feet. Stand on one foot and the other until you can do so for about a minute or so without thinking about it. Work on dropping to a squat and standing back up without using your hands or arms to help you up. Work on your ballerina dance poses, too. Women and children generally have greater joint flexibility than males, especially with their legs and feet and these will help. Do squats with reps and weights like in a gym and build up your glutes, with is something you also want. Then when you get your mask and padding and your whole kigurumi rig, you will wear it and you will move instinctively more like female. Which will make your persona, however you're configured, project more female even before you consciously strike poses and act in character......
      Try knowing a few heteronorms. They'll broaden your horizons without a lot of drama. It's great, try it....'>......

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