Taking measurements for a custom-made skinsuit/hadatai: With or without padding?

      Taking measurements for a custom-made skinsuit/hadatai: With or without padding?

      Yes yes another tutorial post by me, I know. This'll probably the last one though before I do my personal progression post in a couple of weeks. Look forward to that!
      Anyways - I was wondering:

      For my first made-to-measure skinsuit, do I take my measurements with the padding and waist cincher on or without?

      Is it okay to take measurements without everything on since the skinsuit is flexible/tight enough to fit it all anyway? Or should I make the measurements precisely considering that I'll be wearing padding and a waist cincher under it?

      As always: Add any other thoughts you might have concerning the topic! <3
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      I'm no expert here.

      But in my experience, any bodysuit / zentai /hadati, which is made out of stretch material, will expand to cover what you stuff inside. I've never seen one with enough elastic to compress beyond it's original dimensions.

      So my guess is buy one which fits your narrowest dimension. If that's your waist over your cincher, then go for that and let the rest of the suit stretch to cover your padding.

      Of course if it's custom fit all the way around, since you have one measurement (waist ), go for the full tailored package. I'd say especially if you are getting built in boob pockets.

      Miss Kiki
      Well here's the thing....
      Me for example,
      My hips are a natural 33" Padded 53"
      Waist natural 34" In kig 30"
      Chest natural 36" Boobed 46"
      So there is a difference slightly? :P
      Plus for a cleavage suit you do need to give you natural chest sizing (for the inner vest)
      If you can wait until you can pad to measure I think you'll be much happier with the fit of the suit~ They aren't cheap by any means!
      If you can't wait then by all means measure and order ( I'd get and inexpensive suit for starts )