The best way to make eyes for a mask?

      The best way to make eyes for a mask?

      I'm 3D printing my mask out of PLA for a low budget kigurumi (Trying to keep overall cost for the whole thing under 100 USD) but I don't really know what material to make the eyes out of ?( . I want to be able to back it to hide and cover the eye holes with a thin mesh. I was thinking about using printer paper or card stock but I want to hear if there is a better material that could stand the test of time and changing climate conditions without having to replace the eyes as often.
      That's a great question Buff.

      Simple eyes can be hand drawn, scanned at printed on vinyl or photo paper. Mesh is simple, go to a fabric store and find some transparent black material.
      Makers always use simple materials for eyes ( flat eyes , there are no exotic magical material. Try a transparent clear laminate over the photo paper to protect them.

      It is up to the individual not to overthink the process.

      When I go to the fabric store, I often find rolls of plastic mesh. Neat thing is that they are white. Really neat thing is that they can be colored with black magic marker.

      Assuming that I actually want to see through the mask's eyes, and not a vision slit, I just glue a square inside my masks over each eye socket hole.This acts as the sciera. I can then either paste a cutout made of photo paper which already has the Iris printed on it, onto each mesh eye, or hand draw the iris myself. Either way I color the pupil black.

      In this case I colored everything by hand.

      Best thing is, you can then see through the entire eye hole, except for areas where the paper Iris covers the mesh. If you really want a shiny eye, and don't care if the mesh is not breathable, cut a piece of clear plastic from a report binder and place that over the mesh before gluing everything into the mask.

      Of course, if you don't plan on seeing through the eyes, print the whole Iris /pupil on photo paper and glue it onto the mask eye socket.

      That's how I do it sometimes. Other times I just paint the eye socket.

      Miss Kiki

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