Thoughts on "Normies"?

      Thoughts on "Normies"?

      Are you open to kiguruumi becoming more mainstream? 18
        Yes (13) 72%
        Maybe (4) 22%
        No (1) 6%
      I was having this thought because I personally do like the idea of sharing things I like with other people so if I had the chance I would absolutely spread the word about kigurumi (not that I have enough influence to make it any more popular than it is). But I know that there are some types of people who feel invaded by so-called "normies" when their small community or inside joke become even remotely mainstream (example: systemspace when ScareTheater on YouTube made a video about it).

      Since kigurumi is so abnormal anyway (in a good way!), I would imagine all of the people in the community are relatively open-minded and welcoming but I just want to hear people's thoughts on whether they would actually like if kigging got more attention (being mentioned on the news or by a popular YouTuber or something).
      I would say on the whole it would be great to see more people get into kigurumi as a hobby however at the same time we can't really predict what effect that would have on the community and how it is viewed. Currently It's quite a small but growing community that doesn't really receive much negative behaviour, however as it grows and/or becomes more known about it will unfortunately attract more trolls and other unsavoury individuals.

      On the other hand the larger the community the less likely there's going to be an individual target and it would allow for more support in such situations. That combined with liberal use of block online and a little common sense IRL could mostly deal with the problem assuming Kigurumi doesn't receive an entire bandwagon of hate against it.

      Once again, I do think it would be more beneficial for the community to increase in size and don't really think how mainstream knowledge of it becomes will effect it in any particular way apart from bringing in new people who are interested. My only true concern is since a majority of people buy their masks, some of the makers, mostly those who lean more towards the hobbyist side of the spectrum (but not exclusively), might stop selling masks due to a large increase in demand they just cant keep up with.

      As for the whole insider thing, don't really think that's ever going to be much of a problem to be honest. The community being what it is, most inside jokes stay within specific groups or between friends and/or acquaintances rather than becoming community wide memes and even general communication between people in the community generally sticks to this formula. Unless that changes I don't really see a Normie invasion becoming a problem.

      Sorry, I've probably overthought this.

      Contrast wrote:

      I would say on the whole. . .

      I think I pretty much agree exactly. There would definitely be trolls etc. (after all I've already seen my fair share of rude comments on YouTube but I can't really see kigurumi becoming well-known enough that the trolls wouldn't just come and go, though I may have too much faith in humanity.

      The mask thing is a good point though, since (afaik) there's no real good way to mass-produce the masks in place atm it could be hard for producers to deal with a large influx of customers without cutting corners or hiring more people to make the masks.

      And I don't think you overthought. After all, one man's overthinking is another man's underthinking, and another man's just enough thinking.